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V Jacobs
655 Kilback Lake
+1 (555) 115 1107
655 Kilback Lake
p +1 (555) 115 1107
Experience Experience
02/2015 present
Dallas, TX
UI Artist
Dallas, TX
UI Artist
02/2015 present
Dallas, TX
UI Artist
02/2015 present
  • Refine and work with developers to create final UI Comps
  • Work with the Art Director, designers and programmers to create screen layouts and 2D assets and artworks for production
  • Communicate and collaborate with key stake holders to develop feature direction and consistency of work
  • Diligently create quality work in a fast paced, team-based, highly iterative environment
  • Develop designs with international localization in mind, and assist with challenges of multi-language products
  • Create new material effects, implement basic logic in blueprints, and/or create 3D effects
  • Collaborating with the technical team to ensure smooth workflows for UI as well as looking for ways to improve the pipeline and the quality of assets
10/2012 10/2014
Los Angeles, CA
D Artist
Los Angeles, CA
D Artist
10/2012 10/2014
Los Angeles, CA
D Artist
10/2012 10/2014
  • Verify the quality of his work once imported into the game, and make improvements when necessary
  • Working with Art Director and Art Lead to create assets, receive feedback, and iterate on work
  • Develop a working knowledge of all ClosetMaid products in order to develop digital photos displaying accurate usage of the products
  • Work closely with the Art Management, Concept Artists, and Designers to implement the visual designs created for the game
  • Work with team to define and meet key milestones as well as create task lists and work estimates
  • Create 3D assets that adhere to the art direction and style established for the project
  • Follow directive, art work and concept art provided
11/2007 09/2012
Houston, TX
Houston, TX
11/2007 09/2012
Houston, TX
11/2007 09/2012
  • Create art assets and document all art assets created with minimal mistakes
  • Design, develop, and create elegant user flows for complex interactions that are natural and intuitive for our enterprise customers
  • Create original art assets and document all art assets created
  • Using industry standard 3D packages as well as proprietary Team tools, creates art assets for their assigned development project
  • Work in a highly collaborative, fast-paced environment with a small team including art directors and illustrators to fully realize final artwork
  • 15% Executes print advertising under tight production deadlines. Creates the highest quality printed ads that are technically accurate and visually appealing
  • Develop concepts and artworks for hotel and revenue centers
Education Education
Bachelor’s Degree in Graphics Design
Bachelor’s Degree in Graphics Design
East Carolina University
Bachelor’s Degree in Graphics Design
Skills Skills
  • Create high-caliber art, maintaining excellent art quality in regard to character design, color theory, layout, text treatment, and animation ability
  • Good basic knowledge of Unity 3d art pipeline or similar
  • Good knowledge of 3ds Max/Zbrush/Photoshop
  • Animation samples if animation is core ability (AVI, Quicktime, or website)
  • Creation of high quality 3D models (low poly – game assets; and high poly – cinematic quality)
  • Display a proficiency in Photoshop and a working knowledge of After Effects and Flash
  • Working knowledge of Illustrator, Studio Max or other 3D platform
  • Work closely with Senior Artists and the Lead Artist, producing high-quality art in an iterative process
  • Excellent drawing and rendering abilities
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
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15 Artist resume templates


Senior Artist, Cinematics Resume Examples & Samples

  • Using industry standard 3D packages as well as proprietary team tools, to create art assets. These assets could include any skeletal models, along with weapons, props, custom materials and shaders for PFX, as well as constructing custom environments
  • Light spaces and characters using proprietary lighting tools based off approved concept art
  • Review outsourced assets to ensure they fit the necessary requirements and are hitting the quality bar necessary
  • Participates in departmental meetings to share personal ideas and help define the look and feel of cinematic assets

Senior UI Artist, Games Resume Examples & Samples

  • Work with the design and business teams to determine the flow, functionality and features of a user interface
  • Create initial interaction design wireframes and prototypes
  • Design the graphics, icons and animations for the interfaces
  • Work with the UI programming team to ensure a smooth and high quality implementation
  • Have a passion for designing games UI (if working with games teams)
  • Demonstrate your ability to create usable, user-centric and beautiful interface designs in your portfolio
  • Know current and upcoming design trends
  • Have working proficiency in Photoshop, Illustrator, and UI prototyping tools of choice
  • Know UI conventions and challenges for different platforms, including console, PC, mobile and browser
  • Have experience with platform-specific UI technical requirements (good to have)
  • Have experience working with Adobe Flash and Unity Scaleform (latter required if working with games teams)
  • Have worked in past with Agile design and development practices
  • Relevant education and/or work experience
  • An excellent team player with great communication and organization skills
  • Versatile and prepared to tackle many different kinds of tasks, ranging from creative challenges to mass production of UI assets

Senior Artist, VFX Resume Examples & Samples

  • Work closely with content, world and systems designers to create unique assets
  • Model, texture and animate and integrate 3D VFX in Maya
  • Hook up VFX through script and script complex VFX interactions
  • Debug and find solutions for issues
  • Work with and manage large amounts of data

Senior Artist, UI Resume Examples & Samples

  • Design and create UI components - menus, stats and inventory screens, in-game HUD elements, etc
  • Assist the UI programmer in the implementation of UI components
  • Collaborate and communicate with art directors, game designers, producers & programmers in the creation and implementation of the game UI
  • Contribute to the design of UI tools and processes

Senior Artist, UI Resume Examples & Samples

  • Work with the Art, Engineering and Design teams to determine the functionality, visual language and features of a user interface
  • Creation of all facets of the User Interface including: mockups, wireframes, Icons, animations, UI style guides, general art and documentation
  • Work directly with the Art Lead, establishing the look of the game’s front-end user interface, in-game HUD, and additional art content to maintain a consistent visual aesthetic across all UI assets
  • Work closely with the Designers to iterate on concepts/wireframes until architectural and usability requirements are met
  • Work with Engineers to ensure that all assets appear in-game to specification and within technical constraints
  • Have a driving desire to make the best-looking and most intuitive user interface ever experienced in a mobile game
  • Technical integration, bug fixing and visual polish of final designs

Senior Artist, Marketing Resume Examples & Samples

  • Under the guidance of Art Director, compose high quality AAA screen shots and character renders for marketing campaign of high profile game
  • Transfer key marketing initiatives into high quality consumer facing visuals
  • Communicate and problem solve with studio leadership, discipline leads and other members of the art team where applicable towards the creation of high quality AAA screenshots/visuals
  • Work with and suggest improvements to existing screenshot tools and pipeline

Senior D Artist Generalist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Understanding of shader development and technical game asset building pipelines (especially 3D rendered sprite-sheets)
  • Outstanding creativity and drive; excellent written and oral communication skillsStrong knowledge of Disney or related brands
  • 3D Character Modeling, Rigging, and Weight Painting —
  • Understanding of both high-poly and low-poly modeling of 3D characters for games
  • Knowledge of character customization techniques for games
  • Knowledge of rigging techniques
  • 3D Texturing
  • 3D Environment Modeling
  • 3D Animation
  • A solid grasp of the principles of body movement, anticipation, overshoot, follow-through, squash and stretch, forward/inverse kinematics, and other facets of both 2D and 3D animation
  • A thorough understanding of animation pipelines and the processes involved from the conceptual phase to implementation
  • Ability to create documentation for and educate art staff in processes involved with content production pipelines
  • Tools & Scripting
  • General knowledge of programming principles and techniques, algorithms and data structuresKey Strengths
  • Understanding and proficiency in using 3D graphics software
  • Ability to anticipate the needs of the artists so as to streamline their productivity

Senior Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Consistent, high quality, week to week productivity levels
  • Optimization of FX assets for multiple platforms while maintaining quality
  • Clear and concise capture, presentation, and team delivery of game assets
  • Report to Studio FX Department Head
  • Well rounded proficiency in a high end 3D software such as Maya, Max or XSI
  • Proficiency in 2D Software such as Photoshop or Painter
  • Self motivated and driven to follow assets through to a successful end result
  • A minimum of 3 years of successful experience working in a creative industry under some direction
  • 2D animation experience
  • Film industry experience
  • Scripting language experience

Senior Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Create high quality 3D assets that adhere to the art direction and style established for the project
  • Must be able to work very closely with Design, Engineering, and Product management to successfully carry out the creative vision for a project
  • Must have the ability to lead and take creative ownership over certain areas of a project
  • Ability to mentor junior artists in how to improve their 3D skills
  • Possess the ability to quickly learn and adapt to art and production pipeline
  • Experience with character animation and rigging
  • Strong portfolio showcasing your most recent work
  • Must be highly proficient using Adobe Photoshop to create, textures, and assets. (Skills in Illustrator a plus)
  • Strong communicator who loves the iterative and creative process
  • Ability to work well under pressure, adhere to tight deadlines and follow guidelines, processes, and schedules
  • Ability to receive constructive feedback from management, peers, and other creative sources as well as critique other artists’ work
  • Minimum of 5-8 years of game development experience
  • Experience with mobile game development
  • Experience with Maya and Unity
  • Ability to manage multiple projects, set priorities and meet deadlines

Senior Artist, Games Resume Examples & Samples

  • Responsible for the modeling, texturing, rendering and exporting of all the 3D art assets which include visualization, planning and execution
  • Create high quality and cutting edge 3D Art assets including characters and environments for game
  • Work across all aspects of a game's visual design, UI, art, animation, and more
  • Accountable to Art Lead for Quality & Timelines
  • Experience: 3 yrs
  • Diploma in Multimedia or equivalent
  • Expertise in 3Ds Max, Maya, Photoshop, Mudbox, Bodypaint, ZBrush, After Effects, Flash
  • Photoshop, Understanding of animation principles to create believable character animations
  • Unity3D game engine (importing assets, animation editor, shuriken particle system)

Senior Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Knowledge of weight painting techniques
  • 3D Texturing —
  • Knowledge of texturing techniques
  • Knowledge of UV-mapping techniques
  • Knowledge of alpha channels
  • 3D Environment Modeling —
  • Experience with Unity. Familiarity with game engine/Level Editor (UnrealEd, Aurora, Torque, etc.), including integrating new art assets for use in the editor
  • Asset Pipeline
  • Ability to set technical standards for art assets
  • Ability to set and maintain naming conventions, directory structures and asset management
  • Ability to find and implement new technical solutions to 3D art production issues
  • Firm grasp of scripting languages (MEL and Python preferred) to create tools for productivity and error reduction
  • General knowledge of programming principles and techniques, algorithms and data structures
  • A minimum of 5 years of experience in video games or related field

Analyst, Artist & Participations Audit Group Resume Examples & Samples

  • Tracking all audit notice letters received by the Group’s label clients; upon receipt of a given notice, determining (and then advise such label clients of) the maximum duration of the period the party in question is contractually permitted to audit, and then facilitating the negotiation of the actual period WMG will permit the party concerned to audit
  • Reviewing and analyzing the audit claims submitted by the auditor in question, as well as the relevant provisions of the underlying artist, publisher and union contracts that govern WMG’s exploitation of the assets that is at issue in the audit
  • Developing recommendations for the WMG label client(s) concerned regarding how to respond to the audit claims in a given audit
  • Facilitating the settlement of each audit, on behalf of the WMG label client concerned; in close coordination with that label’s Business & Legal Affairs and Finance Departments
  • Administering any and all payments made in connection with the settlement of each audit, ensuring that each is properly recorded in the books and records of the applicable WMG label client(s);.and
  • Candidates for this position must be able to work well independently and as part of a team
  • Candidates must have strong computer skills, including strong data entry skills (with an emphasis on accuracy) and strong proficiency using Microsoft Office’s Excel, Word and PowerPoint applications; familiarity with Microsoft Office’s Access application is preferred, but not required
  • Candidate must possess excellent analytical, mathematical and organizational skills; and
  • Candidate must be able to meet deadlines consistently and effectively while working under pressure; candidate must be able to manage multiple assignments at any given time and prioritize them effectively and appropriately
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience required; major in accounting, finance or business is preferred

Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Create full character animation (block and polish) for a variety of character types
  • Create motion-sets for real-time characters
  • Create full-scene cinematic animations

Lucasfilm Advanced Development Group Uk-d Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Work closely with the ADG team to create and polish existing 3D art assets
  • Learn and help develop proprietary pipelines
  • A strong 3D portfolio showcasing hard-surface modeling
  • Demonstrable knowledge of lighting, color, composition, and experience of current trends in real-time materials
  • Must have a technical aptitude
  • Experience in creating art for use in real-time, high-end 3D game engines (PC, game console)
  • Ability to create 3D models based on concepts
  • 2D experience and strong Photoshop skills
  • Extensive experience of current 3D packages (Maya)
  • Extensive experience of game asset production
  • Experience of high end game rendering techniques (e.g. normal mapping, complex/layered materials, sub-division surfaces)
  • Experience of using modern commercial game engines (e.g. Unreal, CryEngine, Unity)
  • Knowledge of level of detail techniques

Vancouver D Generalist Senior Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Uses artistic and technical skills to work on all aspects of CG images or shots
  • Lead creation of outstanding artwork within a shot, using various software programs
  • Participates as a team member in determining various aesthetic solutions
  • May train, mentor or supervise the work of entry, mid and mid-high level generalist artists at the discretion of the Department Supervisor
  • Maintain or exceed a consistent level of productivity while meeting deadlines and producing high quality work
  • Source suitable reference materials for required assets
  • Attend dailies and participate in creative problem solving
  • Degree or 5-8 years relevant experience (professional OR amateur) in one or more of the following fields: Computer Graphics, Fine Arts, Design or Photography
  • Proven ability in one or more CG techniques, including modeling, texturing, shading, lighting, look development, or compositing
  • Fluent in Photoshop
  • Comparable software experience considered

Artist Services Digital Marketing Intern Resume Examples & Samples

  • Gain working knowledge of email service provider( What Counts), Google Analytics, basic HTML and other production tools
  • Assist in marketing campaign production across multiple channels including email, search, display media, social media and promotions/contests
  • Coordinate production and launch of marketing creative pieces used in online campaigns
  • Gain campaign copy writing skills to assist in creation of engaging fan promotions
  • Develop quality assurance and attention to detail skills through review of public facing written and visual content and tracking codes and links
  • Increase Microsoft PowerPoint skills by assisting in design of artist marketing plans and presentations
  • Enhance Microsoft Excel skills by regularly updating/maintaining monthly metric documents
  • Learn how to analyze and evaluate specific campaign performance through various reporting tools
  • Increase analytical skills by tracking marketing exposure for various programs and campaigns
  • Gain knowledge about the interworking of the music industry through research, reading daily trades and participating in department meetings
  • Learn about Ticketmaster's Artist Services division and how we partner with artists to power fan clubs and online presence
  • Practice effective communication with internal teams
  • Develop planning, organizational and time management skills through participation in Artist Services team meetings, activities and special projects
  • Must be able to receive academic credit from his/her college or university prior to starting assignment
  • Undergraduate students only; must be currently enrolled in an accredited college, university or trade school majoring in business, marketing, communication or related field (able to supply a letter from sponsor/administrator upon request)
  • Local applicants only – position is located in San Francisco, CA
  • Must be able to commit to a work schedule of 2-3 days per week (Monday-Friday) for a minimum 20 hours per week
  • Detail-oriented and highly organized
  • High proficiency in MS Office, particularly Excel and PowerPoint
  • Strong written communication skills and passion for copy writing
  • Able to write creative and relevant copy for promotional use
  • Graphic design, HTML and analytics skills a plus
  • Able to coordinate multiple work streams for on-time project delivery
  • Demonstrates the ability to learn and absorb at a fast pace
  • Conducts him/herself in a professional manner at all times
  • Passion for music and live events
  • General knowledge of the live entertainment, music and/or ticketing industries a plus

Artist Nation Music Services Intern Spring Resume Examples & Samples

  • Assist with developing artist marketing materials and collateral that is used to create partnerships with brands
  • Research industry trends, artist news, brand marketing activity and general market intelligence
  • Update various excel grids that are relevant to the team's marketing contacts, artist album and touring activities
  • Coordinate ticket sales recaps from artist shows and programs
  • Must be able to receive academic credit from their college or university prior to starting assignment
  • Eager to learn and be proactive with new tasks
  • The ability to learn and absorb at a fast pace

Artist Services Intern Resume Examples & Samples

  • Review tour itineraries to identify which venues are ticketed by Ticketmaster
  • Assist in pulling ticket sales data for reports and tour analysis
  • Scan events on Ticketmaster’s websites to ensure that Artist Services offers are properly presented
  • Research artist websites for potential business opportunities
  • Assist team members in the completion of various work-order forms and tracking of progress
  • Assist with general office duties, such as answering of phones, filing and copying
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office, Excel, PowerPoint, Email and basic web-based protocols and communication tools

Senior Accountant Artist Nation Resume Examples & Samples

  • Assist in preparation of all key forecast and budget schedules across an array of companies and locations; analyze forecast/budget data and assist in preparation of required forecast/budget schedules
  • Month end close and SOX reporting
  • Fixed cost review and management, including recording of appropriate accruals
  • Make sure that all receivables, receipts, and payable items are processed and recorded accurately and timely; participate in and monitor collection of receivables
  • Maintain barter file/log for all barter deals, preparing both transaction reports for each event and the quarterly barter activity report
  • Assist in preparation of all applicable sales and use tax returns
  • Assist with special projects as assigned
  • Responsibility for Live Nation Audit Compliance, as it pertains in particular to Finance, Box Office, and Payroll
  • Performs and executes settlements and flash reports, as needed
  • Interacts, supports and builds relationships with Artist Managers
  • 5-7 years comparable work experience
  • 3+ years experience in financial statement preparation / general ledger accounting experience
  • Strong Microsoft Office skills, particularly Microsoft Excel
  • Oracle experience preferred but not required
  • Possess excellent organizational, communication, and analytical skills with the ability to prioritize and handle multiple tasks simultaneously in a fast paced environment

Senior Visual Effects Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Create particle effects and 3D mesh-based real time VFX for League of Legends. This consists of, but is not limited to Skins, Item effects and Champion auras or “buffs” all using a proprietary text-based script which shows VFX changes in the game engine in real-time
  • Use 3D Studio Max, Photoshop and our proprietary tools to create visual effects
  • Utilize particle systems, shaders and mesh effects
  • Create original textures
  • Research visual effect creation processes

Viz Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • This position requires a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design or a related field
  • Minimum 5 years of experience within a broadcast and / or production environment. Must have the ability to work on strict timelines in an organized manner. Must also have strong design and troubleshooting skills, and be a team player with the ability to communicate with other groups within the department to carry out Viz Projects
  • Good oral and written communication skills are required
  • Working knowledge of Viz RT Artist. Proven design skills in utilizing Photoshop, Illustrator, and various 3-D software is necessary. The ability to troubleshoot MAC graphic system issues is needed. Good organizational and project management. Knowledge of Viz Scripting, creating Tranisition Logic scenes and knowledge if DataPool a plus. The ability to multitask and work effectively in a time sensitive, high pressure environment is essential

Roto Prep Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Knowledge of Silhouette
  • Knowledge of importing tracks from 3D tracking softwares (e.g. Boujou)
  • Previous experience working with external vendors and quality control of outsourced roto prep material

Digital Artist Online Resume Examples & Samples

  • High technical proficiency in Macintosh OS
  • High technical proficiency in Photoshop CS5/6
  • Strong understanding of online color correction and image constraints
  • Demonstrated production and organizational skills
  • Ability to work well with others under tight deadlines
  • Strong detail orientation
  • Work Independently
  • Consistent follow through
  • Adept to working in a fast-paced,deadline-driven environment
  • Willingness to learn new methods and techniques
  • Major plus:Scripting for Mac and Photoshop/AppleScript,Javascript for Photoshop
  • BAor equivalent experience
  • Understanding of on-line image assets and on-line experience preferred
  • Minimum one year professional digital retouching experience for websites

Benefit Beauty Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Greet customers on sales floor and follow the “Magic Formula” 8 step selling system as set in training manual (with particular reference to “the triangle” and demonstration procedures
  • Display merchandise, suggest products that meet customer’s needs, emphasizing quality and utility
  • Demonstrate a minimum of two (2) and a maximum of four (4) products (Fake-its) on each customer and explain the beneficial properties of the products
  • Know the difference between a “make-upper” and a “make-over”. Book “make-overs on a complementary basis to fill quiet trading periods. For the remainder of store hours, focus on “make-uppers” – the maximum effect one can achieve from the minimum number of products
  • Ensure that Benefit offer the highest possible level of customer service. This should include the upkeep of a “customer file” or register, samples and appointments
  • Prepare sales slip
  • Receive payment or credit card authorization
  • Wrap and/or bag merchandise
  • Place new merchandise on display so that shelves continuously look neat and tidy
  • Keep merchandise area clean and neatly organized
  • Take inventory of stock when requested
  • Learn opening and closing procedures, i.e., cash drawers, close outs, turning off work-stations, straightening up work areas, clean tester units, etc
  • Adhere to store’s procedures for merchandise returns
  • Assist, support and cooperate with co-workers in a respectful manner
  • Dress in a tastefully trendy manner and follow company dress code for image
  • Maintain a cheerful, upbeat, energetic, fun attitude so that counter atmosphere is playful and exciting for customers and co-workers
  • Turn in time cards and commission figures in a timely manner
  • Attend mandatory company meetings as announced from time-to-time
  • Maintain very high quality of personal hygiene
  • Rapidly acquire product knowledge and application techniques
  • Make suggestions to management about improving and/or creating new products
  • Meet sales goals as established by one’s supervisor and management
  • Refrain from gossiping about self and others. Bring all personnel problems to the attention of your manager/supervisor or Human Resource Director immediately
  • Responsible for notifying supervisor/manager of any staff absences in a timely manner
  • At all times comply with all store policies and procedures
  • Perform any and all reasonable requests made by the Benefit corporate office, as well as the Account Representative, as may be made from time-to-time

Make-up Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Responsible for applying make-up aesthetically to exceed client expectations; Apply make-up to clients using a color palette and different tools such as mascara, sponges, eyebrow shapers, lip liners, brushes, and applicators
  • Work with clients to create various looks
  • Ensure make-up looks natural and well-applied under different lighting
  • Match skin color to color palettes to determine best looks
  • Suggest skin care routine, alternative make-up options, etc
  • Maintain awareness of health and safety issues and legislation
  • Strong collaboration and communication with Beauty Sales Consultant and clients

Production Format Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Create production designs desirable for our clients and end consumers
  • Convert all graphics into multiple teams and create clean production files to be used for decorating apparel
  • Study layouts, recipes of proposed concept, and acquires all related materials to make each design successful
  • Complete all aspects of the art request which can include numerous elements at varying sizes and specifications
  • Create all relevant collateral content for catalog conversions
  • Review and execute external art requests for proper job specifications prior to beginning work
  • Process all external art request from SLD reps and communicate through email. Adhere to specific details before emailing final art to the SLD reps
  • Collaborate with Senior Production Artist to ensure concepts comply with brand standards and meet creative intent
  • Proofread formats for errors and must be able to trouble shoot issues and resolve immediately
  • Maintain best practices for managing files, folder and naming conventions
  • Adhere to set schedules and expectations of upcoming work loads and deadlines
  • Manage multiple shifting with short deadlines
  • Follow all company policies, procedures and goals
  • Must possess demonstrated proficiency of MAC and all applicable design programs including Adobe Creative Suite programs
  • Knowledge of screen print production and color separations processes a plus. Preference will go to those candidates with relevant experience
  • Strong work ethic, quick learner and excited to work with a fast-paced team
  • Requires minimal direction and can work independently
  • Flexible nature with the ability to prioritize and handle multiple tasks/ activities simultaneously
  • Positive “can do” attitude while maintaining a high level of professionalism
  • Able to coordinate differing opinions and create collaboration from conflict
  • General knowledge of Microsoft office suite. Ability to reconcile data using Excel
  • 2 year degree preferred
  • 1-3 years production art experience preferred but not required

Senior Artist, Visual Effects Resume Examples & Samples

  • Produce impressive FX assets, using a wide range of 2D/3D tools and technology, for a wide range of needs
  • Management of a complex personal task list
  • Clear and concise capture, presentation, and team delivery of game assets.Report to Principal Technical Artist, and meet visual requirements set forth by the Art Director
  • Strong technical knowledge and artistic abilities working with sprite type particles and materials within Unity
  • Hands-on Unity experience and has shipped at least one title built on Unity
  • Adeptness at understanding and learning new technology and tools
  • Ability to self manage, and proactive in communicating issues to team members
  • A minimum of 3+ years of successful experience working in a creative industry under some direction.A passion for quality video games and entertainment
  • Experience in 3D sculpting Software such as Zbrush or Mudbox

Viz Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • This position requires a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design or a related field - with 5 years’ experience within a broadcast and/or production environment
  • Must have the ability to work on strict timelines in an organized manner
  • Must also have strong design and troubleshooting skills, as well as, be a team player with the ability to communicate with other groups within the department to carry out Viz Projects
  • Working knowledge of VizRT Artist
  • Proven design skills in utilizing Photoshop, Illustrator, and various 3-D software is necessary
  • The ability to troubleshoot MAC graphic system issues is needed
  • Great organizational and project management skills
  • Knowledge of Viz Scripting, creating Transition Logic scenes and knowledge if Data Pool a plus

D Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Create 3D assets that adhere to the art direction and style established for the project
  • While communicating mood, emphasis, insight, viewpoint, and similar visual impressions
  • Create high-quality artwork within memory and frame-rate budgets
  • Work closely with the Art Management, Concept Artists, and Designers to implement the visual designs created for the game
  • 2-5 years experience creating high quality game ready 3D assets in the video games industry
  • Demonstrate a broad range of superior modeling abilities including the mastery of high-poly modeling, low-poly modeling, lighting, and the creation and application of textures and UV’s with Maya/3ds Max, Z-Brush/Mudbox, Photoshop or equivalent software
  • Experience with various 3D game pipelines, especially with Unity
  • Experience creating handpainted environmental textures
  • Ability to receive constructive feedback from management, peers, and other creative sources
  • Conceptualize and create game level terrain, models, collision geometry, and textures which meet the aesthetic, creative and technical quality standards of the product
  • Maintain a strong knowledge of trending production techniques and the capabilities/limitations of these techniques as they relate to project objectives
  • Willingly share expertise with peers
  • Animation experience in 3ds Max
  • Expert level knowledge of Unity

Senior Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Creation of high quality 3D models
  • Define (in collaboration with Sr Tech Artist & Sr 3D Animator) documentation, technical guidelines, for inventory and character model pipeline as well as all other 3D model elements within Club Penguin and enforce them with team members
  • Direct 3D models created by team & external vendors through facilitation of review meetings
  • Update design documentation and status using internal wiki and ticket tracking software
  • 7+ years experience modeling in Autodesk Maya
  • Strong mentorship abilities to heighten abilities within team members
  • Strong ability to effectively collaborate with both artists and programmers
  • Strong understanding of modeling for a game/animation pipeline (Unity)
  • Strong abilities in real-time and pre-rendered 3D modeling (Zbrush & Maya)
  • Strong understanding of character rigging and animation principles
  • Strong abilities in Photoshop for texturing purposes. (Mari an asset)
  • Experience with scripting (MEL, Python)
  • Demonstrated ability to work on multiple projects at the same time
  • Working familiarity with Scrum/Agile project processes beneficial
  • Ability to be creative on demand
  • Strong ability to communicate both written and verbal
  • Ability to be innovative
  • Self-learner

World Artist, Architect / Level Designer Resume Examples & Samples

  • Collaborate with Designers, Renderers, Level Programmers, Animators, Audio and FX artists to coordinate and implement the level and game play vision
  • Perform level scripting and implement game play architecture
  • Interpret conceptual designs, reference material in collaboration with Design and Art Direction in the creation of world assets and key landmarks
  • Working closely with Designers, block out level flow, game play events and object population
  • Prototype game concepts in economical ways to help answer unknowns in design before full resources are committed
  • Function creatively as a design contributor by providing design solutions and alternatives that fit within the scope of the design directive
  • Help coordinate the development of all world building content and ensure that it meets established visual and technical benchmarks
  • Ensure that levels meet their interactive, narrative and emotional requirements as defined by Game Director, Art Director and Level Designers
  • Participate in regular critiques and review all environmental assets and provide status updates
  • Review and discuss Game Design and Engineering elements as pertinent to world building creation to manage risks and note dependencies
  • Work in concert with Technical, Visual and FX Artists, Programmers and Animators to help define technical requirements
  • Coordinate the creation and placement of ‘animatable’ set pieces as defined by Technical Director and Lead Animator
  • Help establish and refine production pipelines for game in concert with the Departmental Leads
  • Must be willing and able to present to concepts and processes to peers, teams, departments and company
  • Minimum of 6 years production/design experience with 3 or more complete development cycles preferred
  • Exceptional communication, organization and management skills
  • Strong knowledge of game industry trends
  • Personal commitment to excel as a team-player, and strive for maximum team/department performance
  • Self-directed, highly organized, meticulous and detail-oriented problem solver with a burning desire to contribute to a uniquely creative environment
  • Strong grasp and passion for the fundamentals of design
  • Game Player with a diverse interest and broad exposure to many game styles

Senior Artist, D Character Resume Examples & Samples

  • Knowledge of bump, specular, and normal maps
  • Understanding of high-poly and low-poly modeling of 3D environments for games
  • Experience with Unity. Familiarity with game engine/Level, including integrating new art assets for use in the editor
  • 3D Animation —
  • Must be proficient with Maya, 3DSmax, Z-Brush/Mudbox and Photoshop or equivalent software
  • Experience with the process of baking normal maps (transferring the high poly sculpted detail on low poly game objects)

Senior Artist, VFX Resume Examples & Samples

  • Consistent, high quality, week-to-week productivity levels
  • Reliably see assets through implementation and persistently iterate until they meet/exceed final expectations
  • Collaborate constructively with individuals, and teams, providing useful feedback, and critique
  • A minimum of 3+ years of successful experience working in a creative industry under some direction
  • Houdini, Maya, Blast Code or similar particle, simulation, or fluid dynamics software experience
  • Adobe After Effects, or other post processing software experience
  • BFA degree or equivalent

Principal Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Ensure the visual continuity, quality, and performance metrics of assets for the project as set by the Art Director and Producer
  • Work with team to identify risks, create and maintain art team’s task lists, schedules, and workflow and resolve any issues arising from production
  • Work with the Art Director and leads to set up, maintain and troubleshoot the art production pipeline and workflows
  • Approximately 10 years related experience, or equivalent skill/impact level
  • Significant game industry experience with experience in a lead role preferred
  • Proven ability in at least two of the following: 3D environment creation, character modeling, object modeling, character rigging, animation, user interface design/graphic design
  • Demonstrated ability in providing art critiques, both visual and verbal is a must
  • Receptive to art direction and perform well within a collaborative team environment

Think Tank-d Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Experience in one of the following fields: Animation, Web Design, Game Design or Illustration
  • Understanding of fundamental visual design principles
  • Experience with 3D modeling and Maya
  • Additional experience in one of the following 3D fields a plus: rigging, animation, lighting, texturing, and VFX
  • Proficient Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator Skills
  • 3D animation skills are a big plus
  • Experience in Unity ( or other game engines) and/ or HTML 5 a plus
  • Strong team player w/ good people skills

Tour Marketing / Artist Development Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Position reports to VP of Artist Development
  • Creating tour marketing plans, media buying, and execution of all marketing plans in coordination with marketing directors (records, new media, and promoter)
  • Creating and settling tour marketing budgets
  • Checking counts and working to support softer dates in collaboration with promoter’s marketing manager, radio, street teams, and new media
  • Working with new media department, fan clubs, and ticketing companies on ticket bundles and all touring related ecommerce
  • Work with new media department to define online tour marketing strategy, data management initiatives, etc
  • Coordinate with marketing directors, sales, new media, promotion, publicity, merchandise, and street marketing to ensure touring efforts are included in all record marketing
  • Coordinate with promoters and agencies to help ensure sellouts as well as including appropriate album marketing in all promoters’ tour marketing
  • Manage schedules with promo, sales, marketing, publicity, and video to centralize the flow of information to the artist
  • Work closely with artist managers, tour managers, marketing directors, publicists, and finance to administer and reconcile all tour support and promotional budgets
  • Book any necessary artist travel
  • Cover all LA shows on your roster, obtain credentials, VIP tables, parking as appropriate, manage meet and greets, etc
  • Must be adept in Microsoft Word, Excel and Oulook
  • Must be able to work and think independently and able to multi-task while handling an extremely heavy workload
  • Excellent organizational skills are a must
  • Must have outstanding communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Must be able to run and understand basic financial budgeting models
  • 2+ years music marketing and new media experience required
  • Touring/concert background highly preferred

Associate Artist, Rendering Resume Examples & Samples

  • Conceptualize and create game level terrain, models, collision geometry, and textures which meet the aesthetic, creative and technical quality standards of products as set by the Art Director
  • Demonstrate a strong aptitude in-modeling abilities including expertise in high-poly modeling, low-poly modeling, lighting, and the creation and application of textures
  • Ability to creatively contribute within project and technology constraints while creating levels in collaboration with game designers
  • Collaborate effectively with other artists and actively participate in art critiques to ensure the overall quality of the product
  • Iterate and refine content to achieve optimal quality; assist in trouble shooting and content optimization
  • Maintain and communicate a strong knowledge of fundamental game production techniques and the capabilities/limitations of these methods as they relate to the project goals
  • 4+ years of experience on previous video game development teams
  • Strong technical aptitude related to 3D modeling tools and game engine technologies
  • Thorough command of Maya’s modeling and texturing tools
  • Expertise in Photoshop
  • Enthusiastic gamer with an understanding of effective game design principles
  • BFA or equivalent
  • Experience with Physically Based Rendering engines & the content associated
  • Background in Illustration and/or Concept

UI Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Producing art assets and animations
  • Interfacing with game designers and UI programmers
  • 3+ years of game development experience or comparable experience
  • At least 1 published game
  • Able to create the video game’s front-end user interface, in game HUD, and additional in-game art
  • Able to illustrate clean and clear iconography & typography
  • Attention to visual detail and consistency
  • Strong knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash
  • Excellent in creating Motion Graphics & Animation
  • Basic knowledge of 3D Studio Max
  • Basic knowledge of Adobe After Effects
  • Possessing first-rate illustration skills
  • Experience creating menus in Scaleform is a plus
  • Knowledge of the Unreal Engine is a plus

Artist Manager, Disruptor Management Resume Examples & Samples

  • Act as a liaison between the Disruptor team and a wide array of internal and external contacts including senior management, outside industry contacts, artists, writers, other managers, agents, press, event producers, promoters, publicists, vendors, internal departments, etc
  • Build and maintain relationships with the artists, management, creative departments, as well as executives within the company
  • Schedule meetings, arrange travel, and answer phones as needed for the team
  • Prepare business expense reports in a timely, accurate and efficient manner
  • Disseminate updated project details and assets as requested
  • Help coordinate and manage budgets, promotional trips, travel, work orders and more for artists
  • Attend meetings and events as required
  • Use MPS/PRS system to process department invoices and manage project budgets; give regular updates on payment status and budget projections
  • Provide creative input and ideas on projects
  • Provide daily analysis of signed and unsigned artists
  • Travel with artists to engagements and oversee artist responsibilities
  • Create and maintain digital, A&R, social media, and other marketing strategies
  • The ideal candidate holds a Bachelor’s Degree and a minimum of 3 years of prior management experience in the field of music or a related field
  • Strong computer skills including MS Office (Word, Excel & Outlook) and an intimate knowledge of the internet. Will need to learn a variety of other computer systems including Mediabase, BDS, Soundscan, and MPS/PRS
  • Must have a passion for music

Artist, Graphic Resume Examples & Samples

  • Design/create graphics for all station advertising, including news and entertainment programming, specials, commercial and promotional spots, and other projects as needed
  • Create VIZ motion graphics for promotional use and sales
  • Maintain graphics library including animation and still files
  • Position requires performance of other job related duties as assigned
  • Art/Design education required. BA Preferred
  • Must provide portfolio or sample reel of work
  • Must be able to work weekends and holidays if required

Senior Artist, Concept Resume Examples & Samples

  • Vision – Creative individual that can achieve effective visual storytelling. Create images that will be visual targets & blue prints for building the game assets. This includes setting a good design for scale, overall tone, color scheme designs, and lighting
  • Focus – Skill in both character and environmental art is required
  • Minimum of 4+ years of experience in Games or Film/TV studios
  • Must be familiar with the Marvel Universe and its visual characteristics
  • Ability to design dynamic buildings and environments in the Marvel Universe that fit many purposes, including upgrade-ability, readability, expendability and rewarding for players
  • Strong project planning and organizational skills, attention to detail, and creativity
  • Minimum of 3+ years of experience with Photoshop
  • Strong Production experience
  • Self-starter, self-motivated and takes accountability and ownership of projects from start to finish
  • Understanding of fundamental design principles such as UI, color theory, motion graphics, layout, and typography
  • 3D software (Maya or 3D Studio Max) a plus
  • Knowledge of 3D engines (especially Unity) a plus
  • Experience creating art for Marvel IP is a plus
  • Sense of humor and positive demeanor.Familiarity with common mobile/web standards and technologies
  • Education in Illustration, Animation, or Graphic Design/Graphic Arts

Senior Artist, World Resume Examples & Samples

  • Create high quality, highly realistic, industry leading environment art content that includes modeling, sculpting, texturing, and material development for props, architecture, geology and organic features
  • Ensure the high-quality bar established by the Director of Art is achieved
  • Research, develop, and present new methods, techniques, and tools that push our art quality to the next level

Clarins Make-up Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Achieve daily sales and clientelling plans
  • Make-Up Artists must complete at least 5 skincare consulatations daily
  • Work with Counter Managers to plan and implement special events and daily "at counter" events
  • Skincare experience is required

Story Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Receive written and verbal descriptions of a sequence from the director or head of story
  • Create quick thumbnail sketches through to finished detailed storyboard panels
  • Perform background research to inform the story process
  • Illustrate script pages and come up with story ideas
  • Pitch storyboards to the director and other members of the team
  • Work with director and head of story to define staging, pacing and camera action
  • Come up with inventive ideas with a sense of entertainment and humor
  • Develop character personality and dramatic/comedic action
  • Draw storyboards for scenes assigned
  • Refine dialogue where needed
  • Revise, edit and modify sketches as needed, per director's notes
  • Degree or certificate in art, graphic design or related field or equivalent graphic design experience
  • Practical knowledge of cinematic language, acting and staging
  • Strong storytelling abilities that feature character, emotion and movement
  • Strong understanding of the principles of animation; emotion, acting, movement is required
  • Ability to express story and character through drawings
  • Ability to invent action and express it through drawing
  • Ability to present work in a clear and entertaining way
  • Ability to work collaboratively
  • Ability to work under pressure, in a fast paced, deadline driven environment
  • Experience with Photoshop and Wacom Cintiq drawing tablet helpful

Graphics Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Experience with digital media development, diagramming, desktop publishing, and office productivity software applications, including Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Visio, Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Ability to successfully execute multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Ability to work as a team member and independently execute tasks with minimal supervision
  • Knowledge of Army Cyber Enterprise, including Army Cyber Command and Second Army, NETCOM, CIO/G6, INSCOM, and HQDA Staff, and DoD Cyberspace Operations stakeholders, including USSTRATCOM, USCYBERCOM, and Geographic and Functional Combatant Commands

Technical Sketch Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • In conjunction with Fabric Director and Designer Director, conceptualize and execute moods and color boards. Research of ideas and visuals based on direction given for the season
  • Create Prints design, color combinations, fabrics and embroidery layouts
  • Create Merchandising Presentation boards
  • Maintain and organize digital files
  • Support Studio on technical sketch development of any items such as buttons, buckles, hardware, shoes and handbags and all details specified on sketches, when needed
  • Create Graphic Boards for seasonal special project
  • Support Design team during seasonal development via scanning, sketching, cutting, pasting of presentation boards
  • PC and graphics software knowledge –Illustrator 7.0 or 8.0, Photoshop 5.0, QuarkXpress. Micrographx Designer
  • Textile and Fashion background required. Illustration, color understanding
  • Flexibility to work long hours and understands critical deadlines

Temp Marketing Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Take screenshots based on screenshot composition rules provided by Marketing team
  • Compose layouts for screenshots in Maya
  • Produce videos around in-game creations and building tutorials
  • Create content in the game for YouTube videos of Toy Box
  • Usable knowledge of Maya or ability to learn Maya technical skills based on Marketing pipeline (Maya- choreographies, simple layouts)
  • Familiar with general game mechanics
  • Anticipate, identify and articulate problem areas and develop preventative solutions
  • Ability to work with cross-functional and cross-departmental employees and managers to seamlessly meet common goals
  • Strong organizational skills and ability to multi-task
  • Experience with Photoshop and Maya
  • Knowledge of the game
  • Enthusiastic gamer

D Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Able to both create high quality assets from original design as well as from pre-visualization concept art
  • Working with the Art Director and the creative team to collaborate, pre-visualize, and execute on experiences that evangelize VR to developers and consumers alike
  • Able to execute on a variety of different modeling needs – Environment, Prop, Vehicle, Organic, Hard Surface
  • Able to shift gears quickly and adapt to many different art styles

Nuke Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Integrating 2D, 3D and live action elements to a high standard
  • Working with clients in order to create their vision
  • Meeting schedules and project deadlines
  • Taking responsibility for own workload, time management and notes/feedback actions required by Supervisors
  • Balancing the creative and technical aspects of each shot

Technical D Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Work with modelers and animators to create 3D art and bring it into the engine
  • Support and educate artists and engineers in the use of the 3D art pipeline and user-facing engine tools
  • Solve challenging technical issues in the 3D asset pipeline
  • Document pipeline and tools development processes
  • Inspire and empower the art team to optimize their processes
  • Experience working in node based game engine editors
  • Experience with 3DSMax
  • Experience rigging 3D characters for animation

Technical D Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Develop shaders and materials for use in the game engine
  • Work with artists to create Shaders/Materials/2D art and bring it into the engine
  • Support and educate artists and engineers in the use of the 2D art pipeline and user-facing engine tools
  • Work with artists and engineers to determine 2D art needs
  • Coordinate material/shader usage and promote efficient reuse of 2D assets
  • Develop 2D art pipeline tools with an eye towards usability and efficiency
  • Solve challenging technical issues in the 2D asset pipeline
  • Expert knowledge of HLSL (or other modern shader language)
  • Physically based shader creation experience preferred
  • Experienced developing custom tools

Marketing Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Participating in the brand visual identity definition / styleguide creation and its application across all our assets
  • 2D communication assets creation and delivery
  • Presentation templates creation and integration
  • Video editing and after effects

Senior Level Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Understand the visual references, respect the artistic direction and search for more detailed and specific graphic references for the level(s)
  • Understand project tools and their functions, the project file classification system and the process to update engine data and follow all instructions from the Graphic technical director
  • Oversee optimization and debugging to fix the issues raised by testers

Senior UI / UX Artist / UI / UX Designer Resume Examples & Samples

  • Flows, wireframes, prototypes and other UX documentation for key game features designed by the development team
  • Work with the art and design team creating visual cues, UI patterns and style guides
  • Work with the engineering teams to implement the user experiences you and the presentation team design
  • Preparing playtest sessions and gathering qualitative and quantitative feedback to optimize existing UX/UI designs and create new ones
  • Deliver and follow through: from conception through development to shippable feature
  • Candidates with graphic/visual design experience and knowledge on standard graphic design packages (Photoshop, Flash, etc) who can create polished visual mockups

D Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Creating of high quality AAA game assets
  • Working closely with concept artists to realize a believable and breathtaking ingame world
  • Designing, prototyping and creating of buildings, vehicles and landscape objects

Flash Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Learn latest Tools and techniques required
  • Prototype interface functionality, look, and feel
  • Delivering both high quality and optimized art assets: respecting the platform technical constraints
  • Respecting the deadlines of the project
  • Good Knowledge of UI Design, Accessibility and Ergonomics
  • Ability to rapidly prototype interface look and flow using Flash
  • Good background in academic drawing, sketching, and illustration is a plus

UI Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Determine gameplay with the collaboration of the game designer and the artistic director
  • Experience in working on games and has motion graphic design background
  • 1 years minimum of experience in graphic design (or the equivalent) specialized in the creation of interfaces and in menu design
  • Creative and artistic nature

UI Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Strong knowledge of Adobe® Flash® and Adobe® Photoshop®
  • Ability to design and implement UI solutions to improve the ergonomic quality of the game
  • Previous experience as UI Artist

D Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Proficiency in Autodesk® 3ds Max®, Pixologic® ZBrush® and Adobe® Photoshop®
  • Ability to digitally sculpt/model and texture both high and low polygon models
  • Good knowledge of ambient, normal and cavity map generation
  • Good knowledge of UV layout, texturing & shading
  • Ability to construct and elaborate on characters based on key reference or concepts
  • Experience with managing polygon count and texture budgets
  • Written and oral English

Level Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Set out the modelling and texturing needs, submit orders to modellers and texturers responsible for the map; follow up on the progress and quality of the work with the Project leader - Graphic
  • Assess level content with the immediate supervisor and establish time and planning estimates by priority and level
  • Build the rough map of the level with the level designer to show the preliminary graphic intentions, gameplays and ensure they are approved
  • Ensure the technical and artistic quality of the maps once they are imported into the game by making any necessary changes and addressing issues with team members from other working units whenever necessary

D& D Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Create assets and textures in line with the project's artistic and technical direction (references, documents, etc.)
  • Integrate assets and textures produced in the game engine
  • Use specific project tools in order to achieve best results and meet deadlines
  • Understand and apply graphic principles
  • Use artistic references to improve visuals
  • Able to micro plan and time estimate his work
  • Experience in 3D modelling (low poly, high poly, normal map extraction) 3D Studio Max
  • Knowledge of the technical constraints linked to real time, 3D engines and level editors is a plus
  • Knowledge of Z brush is considered a plus
  • Previous experience working in the gaming industry is considered a plus
  • Leadership skills are considered a plus
  • Very good communication skills
  • Receptive to feedback
  • Responsible and resourceful
  • Patient and resilient to stress

UI Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Work with the Design Team to determine the functionality and features of a user interface
  • Autonomously execute and prepare the necessary graphic assets for the product’s menus and/or head’s up display
  • Ensure a smooth implementation matching the intention, by yourself or with the assistance of the Programming team
  • 3+ years’ experience in a graphic design role (portfolio needed)
  • Strong knowledge of Photoshop and a prototyping tool of choice
  • Applicable knowledge of ergonomic principles
  • Player-centered approach to UI design
  • Fluency in current and upcoming design and typographical trends
  • A keen eye for composition, clarity and usability
  • Solid knowledge of UI conventions for main platforms: consoles, PC, mobile
  • Previous work experience as a UI Artist for commercial products
  • Good knowledge of Illustrator and Flash
  • Familiarity with Agile development system
  • A passion for games and games’ UI

Shu Uemura Make Up Artist Harvey Nichols Leeds Resume Examples & Samples

  • The shu uemura Make-up Artist conducts oneself in the working environment through art of service and sales technique, positive demeanour and grooming
  • The artist must be fully aware of Account and personal targets and key performance indicator targets
  • The artist must consistently achieve all personal targets
  • They must ensure to meet the brand objective in regards percent of volume of customers put onto file

Lancome Make Up Artist, Boots, Nottingham Resume Examples & Samples

  • To develop the makeup business to ensure an increase in market share and ranking
  • To deliver excellent “How to WOW” Service at all times, offering the highest level of service and product knowledge
  • To undertake any other duties as and when directed by Lancôme Management

Shu Uemura Make Up Artist Harvey Nichols Bristol Resume Examples & Samples

  • The shu uemura Make-up Artist represents the brand and its philosophies and strategies at all times
  • They must be aware of the company’s goals with regards Learning Ateliers and services and ensure these personal goals are met
  • They must complete accurately, legibly and on time, all paperwork as directed by Head Office

Make Up Artist Giorgio Armani David Jones Sydney Resume Examples & Samples

  • Proven experience in achieving highly consistent sales results
  • Experience in working in retail makeup and cosmetics
  • A passion for Luxury and the latest makeup techniques and innovations
  • Studies in makeup artistry
  • The ability to speak Chinese would be highly regarded

Lead Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Lead, coach, supervise and inspire the team to create great game assets and environments
  • Participate in the scheduling of his part of the project and maintain planning foresight
  • Organize regular team meetings to follow up and review the production status
  • Provide his/her team with information and regular feedback
  • Encourage creativity and participation from all team members
  • Maintain efficient collaboration between his/her team members and make sure that his/her team members are aligned with the objectives of the project
  • Maintain a close working relationship with his direct manager and with the other teams and acts as a representative of his/her team
  • Raise the bar for the project by demanding high results from self and team members
  • Actively participate to the constant improvement of work methods and pipelines
  • Share his/her knowledge and recommend best practices in his area
  • Helps project members understand changes and adapt to them
  • Ensure that produced and integrated assets respect the artistic vision of the game and meet the quality standards

Administrative Assistant for Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Email and phone correspondence
  • Accounts tracking and billing
  • Filing and organizing of paperwork
  • Travel booking, scheduling, and maintenance of studio calendar
  • Digital imaging in Photoshop CS5
  • Biography and bibliography entries
  • Lecture preparation and composition of slide shows in Keynote
  • Project research
  • Writing of formal letters
  • Updating software and digital troubleshooting
  • One-page resume
  • Three professional references. The submission of formal letters is preferred. If this is not possible, title and telephone information should be provided for each reference

Experienced Artist Representative Resume Examples & Samples

  • Initiating and obtaining painting sales
  • Finding appropriate galleries and securing shows in US and abroad
  • Computer and excellent skills phone skills a must

Project Coordinator Artist Services Resume Examples & Samples

  • Review tour routings to identify TM vs non-TM venues
  • Review and edit VIP offer language and legal language
  • Gather logistical information from clients, including, but not limited to, offer names and content, ticket limits, support acts, delivery restrictions, in order to produce tour spec spreadsheets
  • Work with cross-functional groups, including, but not limited to, marketing, finance, event operations, legal, product teams, data teams, etc., to initiate and execute these projects within the constraints of tight, and often fluid, time deadlines
  • Assist clients and other team members daily by coordinating offers with different team members toward meeting client/artist expectations regarding tour objectives and outcomes
  • Assist in generating and delivering internal and external reports to appropriate parties
  • Assist with administrative departmental functions such as monthly reporting, invoicing, and information gathering, as needed
  • Collect tour data for client summary reports and internal tracking to ensure consistent positive outcomes for Ticketmaster and its clients
  • Demonstrated ability to manage cross-departmental projects, for teams working towards the same goal
  • Excellent time management, presentation and written communication skills
  • Passion for music, Internet savvy
  • Experience in the music and/or ticketing industry a plus
  • Previous experience or internship at a ticketing company, music label, or talent agency preferred

Comp Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Degree in Art or related field
  • Keen hand skills and an eye for detail
  • Ability to work quickly and efficiently to meet tight deadlines

Artist Services Intern Resume Examples & Samples

  • Excellent information management skills; strong attention to detail
  • Self-motivated, with ability to juggle multiple tasks
  • Creative thinker with an interest in contemporary art
  • Experience with web-based and FileMaker Pro databases

Associate D Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Strong digital painting skills required for production art development. This includes a strong understanding of color theory, form, composition, anatomy, and lighting
  • Ability to work well under pressure and adhere to tight deadlines while following guidelines, processes, and schedules
  • Familiarity with Scrum/Agile development

Lighting & Compositing Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Developing looks and light rigs for sets and characters that meets the vision of the Director and the Supervisors
  • Establish schedules and technical requirements to achieve high quality looks while working in a fast paced environment with high output requirements
  • Able to work independently on creative look development using commercial and proprietary lighting and compositing tools
  • Develop techniques to render the necessary layers with appropriate compositing software with detailed documentation
  • Help establish suitable work techniques and lighting tools as well as macros for 2D and 3D software for other team members with detailed documentation explaining tools and techniques
  • An eye for composition, detail, light, color
  • A good understanding of color, contrast, and lighting design is required
  • A strong visual savvy and the ability to distinguish subtle differences in lighting and color that affect the matching of sets, props and characters
  • The ability to work in a collaborative environment with strong problem solving skills as well as being able to take direction from the corresponding supervisors
  • The ability to work under deadlines and meet those deadlines with the high level of expertise and confidence while delivering a product that meets or exceeds the expectations of the corresponding supervisors and Directors
  • Experience in Maya required
  • Experience in Nuke or NukeX required
  • BA in Art, Fine Art, Illustration, Graphic Design, Computer Science or equivalent experience desired
  • Reel and Shot Breakdown required

Story Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Receive written and verbal descriptions of a sequence from the Director
  • Draw storyboards that depict the action, camera placement and acting of characters in that sequence
  • Hone, refine, edit or create dialog where needed
  • Present storyboards to the director and other members of the story team
  • Create new drawings to fix and change sequences throughout the production process
  • Create and pitch alternate story solutions to the director
  • Portfolio demonstrating relevant story boarding skills and draftsmanship
  • Only online portfolios will be accepted (website, online album, blog, etc.)

Stereoscopic Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Work within a team of stereo artists and the stereo supervisor to create immersive and comfortable 3D images in support of the story
  • Experience in Layout a plus
  • Experience in Lighting a plus
  • Visual examples of images exemplifying work in this area are requested for review. Please include a resume and reel breakdown with your online profile

UI Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Participate in the UI Design process and create working prototypes and wireframes
  • Design intuitive interfaces that enhance the gameplay experience
  • Produce fully functional (static and dynamic) UI elements for the project
  • Integration of assets in the game
  • Collaborating with the technical team to ensure smooth workflows for UI as well as looking for ways to improve the pipeline and the quality of assets
  • Ensure alignment of interfaces with the game flow and design, both in terms of ergonomics and art style
  • UI optimization to meet constraints in memory, draw calls and other technical constraints
  • Strong understanding of visual design principles and how they relate to game development and user interface
  • Motion graphics and 2d animation using Flash is a must
  • Ability to create assets efficiently to address the technical constraints of the engine
  • Superior eye for composition, color theory and ability to use them in creating functional and appealing interfaces
  • Strong understanding of the challenges presented by mobile platforms and the ability to adapt methodologies and solutions accordingly
  • Ability to create high quality assets in a variety of art styles
  • Solid understanding of mobile Usability and Ergonomic
  • Proven UI/UX experience on at least one shipped title, or a very strong UI portfolio
  • Good knowledge of VFX and characters animation is a plus
  • Self-motivation and ability to work within a team
  • Must be a creative and a practical problem solver
  • Good communications skills and ability to work with artists, programmers, producers
  • Thorough understanding of Photoshop and Flash is essential
  • Action script, Perforce experience would be a plus

Video Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Capture and edit high quality gameplay footage into trailers, video updates or other related materials
  • Work within The Agency team and alongside Game Developers, Internal Marketing and PR departments
  • Continuously strive to stay ahead of the field in terms of knowledge of video production, motion graphics and video standards
  • Learn and proactively drive further development of our in house tools and processes
  • This role may also involve 2D design work for print and presentations as required
  • Support The Agency with any ad hoc tasks and duties

Sales Assistant Artist Liaison Resume Examples & Samples

  • Primary contact for all outside inquiries and requests from clients, artists’ studios, estates and other institutions
  • Primary liaison with the President’s roster of artists for all needs pertaining to shipping, framing, exhibitions, photography, press and reproduction requests
  • Work with Accounting department to ensure all sales invoices are created accurately and sent in a timely manner
  • Oversee artist accounting, invoice files and expense reports pertaining to sales and exhibitions
  • Maintain and update database with sales, reserves, offers, outgoing and incoming consignments, and loans
  • Work with Registrar and Shipping department regarding transportation, insurance appraisals, consignment agreements, and conservation
  • Conduct research on individual works of art to Dealer including provenance, exhibition history and bibliography
  • Track and mark all auction results pertaining to gallery artists’ works. Assist in all aspects of the auction process, organizing bidding, getting condition reports, getting tickets, among others
  • Work with dealer in exhibitions details including changes in exhibition, price list, catalogue text and design, events and press
  • Responsible for general administrative duties such as; maintaining a daily call list, schedule appointments, manage calendars, book client viewings and coordinate travel
  • BA Degree required in Art History or related field
  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience as an assistant or similar role in a commercial art environment
  • Proactive planning ability combined with keen attention to detail
  • Excellent communication and written skills
  • Ability to complete work efficiently and accurately in a fast-paced, deadline-driven office; able to thrive under pressure
  • Excellent computer skills including Microsoft Office package, Outlook, and an understanding of databases

Junior Flame Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Compositing - initially cleanup work to develop into multi layered, VFX heavy compositing
  • Paint and Roto and 3D tracking
  • Client-handling
  • Coping with multiple requests & prioritising
  • Understanding of the chain of command - Directors / Producers / Creatives / Clients
  • Time management - learning how long given tasks will take
  • Liaising with Production regarding schedules & overruns

Lighting Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Responsible for lighting game environments in AAA titles with the highest level of quality
  • Work closely with Art Director and team leads to help define and execute the lighting direction for the project
  • Assist Technical Directors and graphics engineers in designing, implementing and maintaining lighting pipelines
  • Integrate with environment teams as needed to light their spaces according to production schedules
  • Collaborate with lighting artists at partner studios to maintain consistent process and visual quality
  • Anticipate and identify production challenges to leads and Technical Directors
  • Research new lighting tools and techniques to create more efficient and visually appealing environments
  • Manage lighting to fit memory, design and frame rate limits

Finished Production Creation Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Review ASR’s for finished goods art needs. Effectively communicate any probably issues with the Development team prior to creating artwork or breaking out garment images
  • Create garment style breakouts in needed colorways, graphic breakouts in all teams and style and/or team boards for external review
  • Reference recipe files and process basic art conversions into clean production files as it relates to league and team specifications
  • Meet scheduled dates for hand-offs to Collateral and any other party needing visuals
  • Create APA’s and reference the priority list to make sure they are delivered to the factory on time
  • Create visual presentation files for Inline Style Modifications as requested from sales team
  • Manage Calendar dates and communicate short falls and accomplishments
  • Proofread all art files for errors and consult with additional production art staff for resolution
  • Must possess a working knowledge of MAC, Adobe Illustrator, and basic typography
  • 2 year degree preferred or equivalent production art experience

Intern for Emerging Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Degree (or working toward degree) in art-related field
  • Interest in contemporary art
  • Highly motivated with strong work ethic
  • Able to work independently with confidence
  • Keen attention to detail and strong organizational skills
  • Strong writing and communication skills
  • Required Proficiencies*

Presentation Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Print and digital background
  • Able to multi-task and work in fast-paced environment
  • Strong design, layout and typography skills
  • Expert in InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator

Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Collaborate with team members to create 2D game assets which meet aesthetic, gameplay and technical goals for the resulting in-game assets
  • Create presentation and marketing materials, presentation and PR initiatives
  • Work collaboratively under the guidance and direction of an Art Director and/or Lead
  • Create work that reads visually at high, medium and low resolution
  • Improvise within IP guidelines to expand on the worlds and characters that reside in them
  • Experience as an on-site member of a development team
  • The candidate must have an expert level understanding of Color theory, Perspective, and Anatomy, as well as a firm grasp on dramatic lighting for games/film
  • A Background in, or experience with Architectural design for games
  • Visual storytelling storyboarding for cinematics or to mock up game play scenarios
  • Proficiency in the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.)
  • Knowledge of secondary visual media applications (After Effects, 3D packages, Flash, Unity/ NGUI)
  • Experience working in related fields such as advertising, motion graphics, web design, information architecture, illustration, or industrial design

Artist Management Associate Resume Examples & Samples

  • Contract generation, tracking, and execution
  • Concert servicing -- primarily liaise between the artist, the presenter, and SAM's executive director to coordinate and communicate artist's travel logistics, program, schedule, rehearsals, outreach, and participation at events such as speaking engagements, donor events, and pre-concert lectures
  • Management of artist calendars and company website
  • Organizational and logistical support for national and regional conferences
  • Management of artists' publicity materials and digital press kits
  • Interfacing with graphic designers to plan and execute advertisements (print and online) and hard-copy artist flyers
  • Liaising with members of the press and artists' public relations agents
  • Social media management (Facebook and Twitter)
  • Special project support (commissions, CD releases, etc.)
  • Possible travel to local and regional conferences
  • 0-3 years experience working in artist management or a related field
  • A bachelor's degree
  • We are looking for someone who is HIGHLY organized and who thinks ahead
  • Must be a self-starter who takes ownership of the job role and thrives in an independent setting
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills; this job requires strong negotiating skills for situations in which multiple parties are involved
  • Ability to handle numerous details while working in a calm/efficient manner
  • Sharp analytical skills and sound ethical judgment
  • Ability to oversee multiple short- and long-term projects by managing their workloads and prioritizing their tasks
  • Ability to represent the company professionally and confidently on the phone and in meetings with presenters and artists
  • A great amount of patience, keen people skills, and a sense of humor
  • Excellent computer skills including MS Word, Excel, Dropbox, Gmail, Adobe, photo editing, CD & DVD burning
  • A background in classical music with a basic understanding of the demands of a professional performance career
  • A basic knowledge of orchestral, chamber, and solo repertoire
  • Basic familiarity with contracts and legal language/procedures
  • A basic knowledge of database management
  • Basic familiarity with visas and international travel requirements

Program Coordinator Artist Housing Resume Examples & Samples

  • Work with chashama's Development Department, Project Management, and MBSCC Youth, Senior and Arts Program Directors and staff to identify community needs and program goals, develop selection and evaluation criteria, create program materials (RFPs, applications, agreements, reports, etc), and interview and place appropriate candidates into MBSCC's subsidized apartments and existing social programs
  • Help participating artists develop projects, timelines and budgets that effectively utilize their skills while meeting program needs, oversee the implementation of these projects with MBSCC management
  • Achieve program goals within approved budgets and maintain proper records for program expenditures
  • Conduct regular check-in meetings with participants. Communicate with artists and staff at MBSCC's program locations and discuss program progress and updates with chashama staff via Skype/conference call, or at meetings in chashama's office
  • Collect, document and evaluate program statistics and feedback with artists, community constituents and MBSCC to continually monitor and improve the program for growth
  • Engage local organizations and networks for outreach to Bronx community artists and residents, as well as citywide institutions to increase program profile
  • Identify and develop additional partnerships for program growth with NYCHA and other NYC property owners
  • Create plan for strategic program growth and sustainability, help identify sources for additional program funding and support
  • Supervise all other aspects of artist management and program delivery, from fielding eligibility requirements, agreement signing, workshop/event production and review, to exit interviews and reports
  • A minimum of 3 to 5 years of experience managing or growing arts, community development, cultural or social service programs from the ground up, particularly those with arts education or other cultural activities integrated with youth, senior or other unique or diverse populations
  • Familiarity working with, or implementing similar community/creative programs in diverse and/or under-served communities. Ability to understand, anticipate and address the unique dynamics of community needs and relationships with sensitivity and confidence
  • Demonstrated ability to develop and oversee projects and programs from start to finish, and ability to manage multiple aspects of program delivery
  • A strategic and creative thinker who is able to represent the organization in a variety of settings and leverage resources effectively. A detail-oriented, analytical problem solver that can balance the bigger picture with the bottom line
  • Highly energetic, tenacious and optimistic individual with strong organizational, writing and communication skills that is able to manage and prioritize competing demands and multiple projects simultaneously
  • Familiarity with affordable housing regulations and requirements, NYCHA/HUD/HPD, is a huge plus
  • Able to work independently as well as collaboratively within tight-knit teams. A strong sense of initiative is a must

Senior Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Prepare / Mix the paint to the required colour
  • Diploma in Applied Arts or related disciplines preferred
  • 8 years relevant working experience, less experience will be considered for the position of Artist (Contract)
  • Demonstrated high level of craftmanship in color mixing, brush and roll, theme painting and mural
  • Able to interpret the paint specification, application requirements, show documents and schematic drawing
  • Work in shifts including public holidays or night shift

User Interface Artist / Designer Resume Examples & Samples

  • 3+ years of experience working in visual media with a focus on UI/UX
  • Bachelor’s degree in Interactive Design, HCI,Graphic Design, Illustration, or Industrial Design
  • Proficiency in the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) and visual prototyping tools (Axure, Balsamiq, etc.)
  • Experience in other areas of game development
  • Experience designing global user interfaces for shipped mobile games and multiple resolutions and platforms
  • An understanding of how to translate a strong brand aesthetic to the mobile space while preserving the look and feel of the IP
  • An eye for branding and public presentation, with a sensibility to current design trends and how they relate to the mobile space
  • An interest in conducting informal competitive analyses of similar mobile games
  • Experience working closely with developers, content managers, marketing, and user testing groups

Artist Assistant Resume Examples & Samples

  • Sculpture building, working with pvc, plaster, and/or metalwork
  • Acrylic paints, preparing wood panels with gesso
  • Video art
  • Fluency in a foreign language preferred (Russian/Turkish) but not required

Your Own Artist Residency Program Resume Examples & Samples

  • ) A serious dedication to art - either as an active practice or as a facilitator and arts lover
  • ) A rigorous, intelligent, and informed approach to art-making
  • ) Commitment

Assistant Computer Artist, Childrenswear Resume Examples & Samples

  • Computer Artists are responsible for CAD’ing artwork for assigned product categories (ie. Girls Knits, Boys Sweaters, etc)
  • Core duties involve: creating signage for rigs, photo retouching, and large format printing. Also, assisting with concept development, coding, and maintaining server quality & order
  • Creating print repeats and preparing them for textile mill

Alliance Artist Management Summer Internship Resume Examples & Samples

  • Distributing marketing materials per presenter/artist request
  • Assisting with logistical arrangements for engagements of artists, including liaising with the ensemble and presenter directly
  • Issuing and processing contracts on behalf of artists, in conjunction with Managerial Associate
  • Assisting with the filing of legal forms and procedures including visa applications as well as foreign and domestic tax forms
  • Coordinating with Managerial Associate for administrative internal tasks as necessary
  • Attending rostered artists' concerts and events as applicable
  • If applicable, intern with foreign language skills will contact targeted international presenters to pitch artists for foreign engagements
  • Updating and maintaining important contact information for arts presenters worldwide
  • Providing general office support and administrative coordination

Lead Artist, Concept Resume Examples & Samples

  • Create environment concept art, matte paintings, and architecture studies
  • Create illustrations for project marketing materials
  • Create sketches and detailed renderings of props and individual environmental elements
  • Create sketches, detailed renderings and turnarounds for character and creature studies
  • Provide supplemental visual direction to team production artists to ensure visual design of content is coherent and within brand
  • Coordinate with Director of Art, Production, Concept Artists, and Content Leads on assignments for the concept art team ensuring concept art team meets milestone goals at high quality
  • Motivate, mentor and inspire concept art team, guiding them through various stages of production with clear direction
  • Create UI and Graphic Design mockups
  • Participate in appropriate meetings and discussions to ensure team goals are being meet at a high quality, within scope, in style, and on brand
  • Create style sheets and help champion reference gathering efforts towards bringing clarity to project visual direction goals

Senior Artist, Concept Resume Examples & Samples

  • Strong drawing and iteration skills. Process oriented, ability to work from rough thumbnails to print quality images
  • Excellent color theory and material indication skills, can clearly communicate visual target to 3D modelers, animators, and VFX artists
  • Versatile and highly capable in creating environment, character, creature and prop designs and illustrations, and in a variety of art styles
  • Ability to work with the Art Director to define, implement and document a visual language for a game. Experience creating style guides and presenting to stakeholders
  • Ability to take direction well, can filter and prioritize feedback as well as provide constructive and clear feedback to other artists on the team
  • Knowledge of basic 3D software packages, preferably extensive experience employing 3D techniques into a concept workflow
  • Be task driven, self motivated, proactive, and works well under deadline pressures
  • Effective communicator that is capable of leading other concept artist towards a common vision while maintaining a consistent quality bar
  • Solid understanding of the mobile midcore space, can foster and employ techniques that strive for visual clarity on device
  • A lead individual contributor that creates and implements concepts suitable to the product and leads other concept artists on assigned tasks
  • Consistently acts as the lead artist and does not "rotate" in and out of this position

Senior Artist, Concept Resume Examples & Samples

  • Advanced understanding of the core principals of animation (e.g. squash & stretch, anticipation, staging, follow though, arcs, secondary actions, timing, exaggeration, ease in and out, etc)
  • Looks to expend their knowledge by learning new software, engines, tips and techniques that are directly applicable to the development of social mobile games (e.g. Unity, Mecanim)
  • Experience in 3D modeling, sculpting, layout, character and vehicle animation, character set up / rigging, look development, texture painting, character simulations and cinematics

Flame Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Support the Head of Production and Producers in bidding projects and helping the Creative Director pitch and win the 2D aspects of projects
  • Troubleshoot technical and management issues for the studio
  • Provide visually creative and timely solutions to directors
  • Communicates with other VFX staff and departments on status of composite work
  • Able to provide preliminary and final color correction for the spots
  • Comfortable working in client attended sessions on finishing projects
  • 5+ years experience on commercials and visual effects heavy projects using Flame
  • An understanding and commitment to providing superior service to commercials clients, both from a technical and creative point of view
  • A thorough understanding and experience in compositing computer graphics into live action
  • Proficiency in film and video broadcast standards and video and graphics formats
  • Backdraft experience
  • Furnace and Sapphire experience
  • Experience with Smoke is a plus
  • Experience with Final Cut is a plus

Marketing Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Create assets for our games’ websites, social media, and other external communication
  • Create 2d assets to support our marketing and PR initiatives – ad creatives, posters, presentation sheets, t-shirt designs, mock ups, etc
  • Create video assets for marketing trailers, community videos and streaming
  • Retouching. Manipulate image composition, and perform basic paint overs when necessary
  • Navigate game clients and editors to compose, frame, and capture high-quality screenshots

Artist Liaison Resume Examples & Samples

  • Serve as the main point of contact for artists and artist studios within the gallery
  • Maintain existing relationships with curators and museums
  • Cultivate relationships with board trustees and curators with a focus on acquisitions
  • Attend openings, galas, talks, and other art world events to increase gallery profile
  • Actively research and track new artists
  • 5-8 years of experience organizing artist exhibitions and projects in a contemporary art gallery or major museum
  • Must possess superior written and communication skills; sophisticated understanding of contemporary art
  • Highly organized, personable, and detail-oriented
  • Able to handle multiple tasks in a fast-paced, high-pressure, exciting, international environment
  • Master's degree in Art History, Curatorial Studies, or related field strongly preferred

UI Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Create static and animated user interfaces for video games on game consoles, PC and mobile platforms
  • Quickly conceptualize, prototype and communicate functionality and design intentions
  • Create compelling visual treatments that are easy to understand, simple to navigate, and convey information for an ideal end-user experience
  • Execute UI design with a keen eye for detail at all levels, keeping in mind the overall art treatment and screen-to-screen UI placement, and maintaining consistency throughout the entire project interface
  • Create conceptual wireframes, user flow diagrams, and interactive prototypes to solidify design and plan
  • Build logical UI flows, produce the final interface artwork integrated on target platform
  • Adapt to varying art styles and direction; able to take critique constructively
  • Identify priorities and gaps in current designs, and contribute/iterate creative solutions
  • Develop designs with international localization in mind, and assist with challenges of multi-language products
  • Be self-directed and be able to prioritize your workload efficiently
  • Diligently create quality work in a fast paced, team-based, highly iterative environment
  • Communicate and collaborate with cross-departmental (design, engineering,test) team members to solve UI challenges
  • 3+ years creating UI art assets for web applications, video games, PC or console
  • Relevant undergraduate degree and/or equivalent experience
  • Strong typography, color, iconography, and layout skills
  • Must be able to conceptualize, present and execute ideas within a tight schedule
  • Proficient in 2D image applications (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash) required, knowledge of 3d and motion graphics applications preferred (3ds Max, After Effects)
  • Successful background in innovative and intuitive user interface design
  • Strong artistic, oral, and written communication skills
  • Knowledge of UI in games across multiple genres on all platforms
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to interact with team members of different disciplines
  • Willingness to respond and adapt to artistic criticism and multiple avenues of feedback
  • Deep passion for games and quality user experiences

Special Effects Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Understand the game design documents and artistic direction to comprehend the creative direction and have an overall idea of the sign off features
  • Find reference images and videos of the intended effects and validate these references with the artistic director
  • See with the graphic design TD if the intended special effects can be created in the engine and suggest alternatives or development options (ex: tools) whenever necessary
  • Collaborate with the DT to adapt the pipeline to ensure that it fosters the production of the special effects and determine memory and performance budgets
  • Work in collaboration with programmers to develop adapted tools to meet special effects requirements
  • Use available tools (particle systems, modelling, texturing, etc.) to create the special effects requested by the artistic team and integrate these effects into the engine
  • Validate the quality of the effects once they are imported into the game and make any necessary changes in an effort to maximize the user experience
  • Optimize the special effects on an ongoing basis and account for modifications and technological constraints throughout the project to ensure that the special effects remain of high quality
  • Foster game accessibility by adapting the various special effects based on comments from the game design team before, during and after the creation of the special effects
  • Fix the bugs entered by testers and other working units
  • Communicate with other working units to help members integrate special effects by providing reference documents and other types of support
  • Sense of initiative and proactivity
  • Originality and resourcefulness in problem-solving
  • Knowledge and interest in programming languages an asset (e.g. Max Script)
  • Knowledge of game editors (e.g. Unreal, Source, etc.)
  • Knowledge of compositionning software (e.g. After Effects, Houdini, Toxic, etc.)

UI Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Carry assigned tasks through any stages of the production process; concept, wireframe, implementation, prototype and refinement through to final sign-off
  • Iterate designs according to work reviews, changing requirements, and user playtest feedback
  • Motivate and inspire others to generate innovative ideas
  • Priortise, plan and organise their assigned tasks utilizing tracking tool(s) used by the project and assist the Lead UI Artist with team task planning
  • Work independently and collaboratively to solve ambitious challenges
  • Communicate effectively, promoting a friendly and efficient work environment
  • Produce and help other artists to produce artwork complimentary to the art direction, maintaining a consistent feel across all UI elements
  • Produce optimised assets in line with technical requirements and conventions
  • Adhere to and help to create technical requirements, conventions and optimisations for assets
  • Take initiatives to develop their own expertise as well as mentor junior artists
  • Support the Lead UI Artist in any ad hoc tasks and duties
  • Collaborate with Artists, Designers, Technical Artists and Programmers
  • Has shipped 3 or more titles as a UI Artist; preferably full project cycles on ‘AAA’ console titles
  • 4 years minimum of game UI art experience
  • Excellent graphic design skills; design, layout and typography
  • Expert level of expertise in industry standard 2D graphics applications (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, After Effects)
  • Ability to reduce complex features into simple interactions
  • Ability to quickly create wireframe layouts and pre-visualisations
  • Plans solutions for the implications of localized SKU’s
  • Ability to easily create understandable bespoke icons
  • Up-to-date knowledge on current trends in visual communication
  • Excellent personal technical understanding and skill, with the ability to educate less experienced members of the team
  • Excellent knowledge of the games industry
  • Proficiency in scripting (Actionscript, Python) is desirable
  • Advanced motion graphics knowledge is desirable
  • Experience with 3D applications (Maya, 3DS Max) would be advantageous
  • Experience with texturing/mapping is desirable
  • Experience in VFX/particle animation is desirable
  • Conceptual and illustration skills is desirable
  • Experience with tools using node based editors would be advantageous
  • A working knowledge of standard industry game engines, design toolsets and production pipelines (Scaleform, Unity, Unreal) is desirable

UI Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Diligent in prioritising, planning and organising their assigned tasks utilizing tracking tool(s) used by the project
  • Produce artwork complimentary to the art direction, maintaining a consistent feel across all UI elements
  • Has shipped at least 1 title as a UI Artist; preferably full project cycle on a ‘AAA’ console title
  • Significant experience of game UI art
  • Strong graphic design skills; design, layout and typography
  • Advanced level of expertise in industry standard 2D graphics applications (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, After Effects)
  • Understands the implications of localized skus
  • Good technical understanding and ability
  • Good knowledge of the games industry

Artist Services Internship Summer Resume Examples & Samples

  • Provide on-site assistance to performing artists rehearsing on an hourly basis at Williamsburg and Long Island City Locations
  • Process incoming applications from Spaceworks artists and provide orientations
  • Provide assistance to Spaceworks artists and conduct artist surveys
  • Monitor the Spaceworks hotline and resolve issues as they happen
  • Photograph rehearsals and special events and report to Spaceworks about artist activities
  • Compile and update reports about Spaceworks artists
  • Create and install additional signage and wayfinding for rehearsal spaces
  • Assist with the development of social media and newsletter content
  • Assist with outreach and promotions
  • Assist with facilities management, equipment repairs and maintenance
  • Assist with planning and execution of special events
  • Experience working with the NYC performing arts community; Strong desire to serve artists of varying disciplines
  • BA or BFA candidate in arts-related field
  • At least two years of customer service experience required; applicants should enjoy working with people
  • Positive, self-directed work ethic
  • PC and Mac proficient; specifically Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook)
  • Ability to lift and move heavy objects, such as studio equipment, chairs, tables, etc
  • Highly organized, outgoing, and able to think on your feet
  • Reliable transportation to and from all Spaceworks facilities and ability to walk and travel throughout NYC
  • Networking/community-building experience a plus
  • Weekend availability is essential
  • Weekday evening availability is essential
  • Anticipated start date: May 2015
  • Anticipated end date: August 31, 2015
  • Schedule may vary occasionally so as to help provide a multi-facility presence across three Spaceworks projects

Senior Lighting Artist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Work with the Graphic technical director and programmers to create lighting-specific tools and features
  • Design lighting systems that will support the atmosphere and gameplay effects and highlight the work of other working units
  • In addition to light sources, set out the selected moods and atmospheres
  • Communicate with other working units to look into the root causes of lighting issues
  • Optimize the lighting effects to produce the best possible lighting, in keeping with the technical limitations of the engine
  • Solid artistic knowledge of lighting techniques, realtime and pre-rendering. Summary

Prepress Artist Frontgate Resume Examples & Samples

  • Color correct images for precise product matching
  • Ensure key production and printer ship dates are met
  • Output internal and external proofs according to specifications
  • Upload files to the printer according to specifications including preflight, RIP's, file transfer, advanced file troubleshooting
  • Help to continually improve workflow, being mindful of the Creative Department's process
  • Superior Macintosh skills in Adobe PhotoShop, InDesign, and Acrobat; proficiency in MS Office, FileMaker a plus
  • Undergraduate degree in related field preferred

D Artist Contract Resume Examples & Samples

  • Help plan and estimate all 2D work within the project
  • Develop best practices, "what good looks like" and the general workflow for the project or the tools we use
  • Work together with the Technical Art Director and the Art Director to find good solutions for how to implement front end tech features
  • Could possibly own and develop the implementation of the art direction in the 2D realm. This means both front end design and in game assets such as environmental storytelling or other major graphical features
  • Help the Art Director create toolkits, guides and screenshots for marketing and third party developers
  • Help create key art, 2D textures and logotypes
  • Deliver outsourcing briefs and return feedback to outsourcing partners
  • Passion for information design, information visualization and graphic design
  • Highly detail-oriented with a passion for pixel perfection, self-motivated and highly organized
  • Drive work through the software development process which requires basic understanding of engine workflow and basic AS2/AS3 scripting
  • You must be able to work collaboratively with the game team, which includes daily communication with programmers and designers
  • Proficient with Adobe Flash, Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Adobe After Effects, AS2/AS3 coding and/or 3D modeling skills considered plus