Technical Artist Job Description

Technical Artist Job Description

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Technical artist provides tools and processes for integrating assets from the Asset Management Software into project pipelines.

Technical Artist Duties & Responsibilities

To write an effective technical artist job description, begin by listing detailed duties, responsibilities and expectations. We have included technical artist job description templates that you can modify and use.

Sample responsibilities for this position include:

Using industry standard 3D packages (Maya, Max, Zbrush, Substance Suite) Python scripting, create powerful scripts/tools that give content creators the best possible pipeline to deliver world-class video game art
Help create tools and scripts that reduce repetitive tasks for artists expedite exporting of assets from Maya to Unity
In conjunction with Fabric Director and Designer Director, conceptualize and execute moods and color boards
Work directly with Art, Tools, Core Technical Art, Gameplay Programming and other departments
Develop new rigs as needed
Maintenance of Game Builds and Asset Pipelines
Develop tools & refine pipelines for the art production process, including batching and automation
Proactively seek out inefficiencies and problems in existing processes potential problems
Help track efficiency of asset pipeline and processes throughout the life of the project, improving and enhancing them where necessary
Troubleshoot asset pipelines and processes in use

Technical Artist Qualifications

Qualifications for a job description may include education, certification, and experience.

Education for Technical Artist

Typically a job would require a certain level of education.

Employers hiring for the technical artist job most commonly would prefer for their future employee to have a relevant degree such as Bachelor's and Collage Degree in Art, Computer Science, Technical, Design, Engineering, Graphic Design, Animation, Graphic Arts, Education, Video

Skills for Technical Artist

Desired skills for technical artist include:

C Sharp
Art asset pipelines
Compression methods and other associated processes is desirable
Data management software

Desired experience for technical artist includes:

Must work well within a team, work with external groups when required and assist in mentoring and training more junior level Technical Artists
Minimum 2-year 2D/3D art degree, architecture degree, or equivalent with excellent critique and vocabulary skills
Must have shipped Multiple 3D titles
Must be familiar the majority of modern 3D software packages (Maya, 3D Studio Max, Motion Builder,zBrush )
PC and graphics software knowledge –Illustrator 7.0 or 8.0, Photoshop 5.0, QuarkXpress
Textile and Fashion background required

Technical Artist Examples


Technical Artist Job Description

Job Description Example
Our company is growing rapidly and is looking for a technical artist. Thank you in advance for taking a look at the list of responsibilities and qualifications. We look forward to reviewing your resume.
Responsibilities for technical artist
  • Work with artists to ensure the quality of the assets for all aspects of the project
  • Develop and share methods to help artists deliver with highest quality and maximum efficiency
  • Create and maintain documents outlining art production needs, including in-game integration, 3rd party/in-house tool documentation, and art asset critiques
  • Check assets for technical integrity before integrating them into the game
  • Troubleshoot technical issues inherent in maintaining a clean file structure and pipelines for both in-house and 3rd party software
  • Work as the primary link between engineering, design and art to solve integration, performance, and functionality problems as they arise
  • Work closely with the art director and creative team to develop concepts, prototypes, animatics and production ready content
  • Utilize Unreal Kismet/Blueprint and Cinema Tools to implement NPC crowds, stage elements, and scripted events that breathe life into game environments
  • Create task lists & estimates milestone documentation for the Creative Team
  • Responsible for developing game backgrounds, user interface, character designs and animation of the highest caliber to create a product that is a complete entertainment package
Qualifications for technical artist
  • Expert knowledge of 3D Modeling and Animation software (Maya, Max)
  • Experienced developing custom tools for Digital Content Creation tools (Maya, Max)
  • Extensive experience building shaders
  • Experience with shader building tools
  • Experience with 2D art pipeline tools (Photoshop, Substance)
  • Strong overall artistic ability (composition, colour, motion)

Technical Artist Job Description

Job Description Example
Our growing company is hiring for a technical artist. To join our growing team, please review the list of responsibilities and qualifications.
Responsibilities for technical artist
  • Creates graphics for marketing package
  • Creates game-ready electronic artwork in accordance with the capabilities & requirements of the product
  • Creates and animates logos and symbol designs
  • Prepares and converts graphic files for coding
  • Prepare files for final stages of production, be that printed output or delivery of digital files to the customer
  • Assist the Lead Technician in the design production for Expeditions
  • Able to communicate with both engineering and the art departments
  • Scripting and/or programming experience within interactive platforms
  • Scripting and/or programming experience within content creation tools
  • Asset optimization for game or mobile contexts
Qualifications for technical artist
  • Experience on current and next-gen consoles
  • Experience on other industries (TV, Film)
  • Knowledge of other programming languages (Python, C#, C++, Java Script, Action Script)
  • Zbrush and Motion Builder
  • Experience managing, scheduling, critiquing, and direction for a team of technical artists
  • Effectively collaborate with game designers, artists, and engineers to ensure that technical art vision is serving project needs

Technical Artist Job Description

Job Description Example
Our company is hiring for a technical artist. We appreciate you taking the time to review the list of qualifications and to apply for the position. If you don’t fill all of the qualifications, you may still be considered depending on your level of experience.
Responsibilities for technical artist
  • Experience rigging and/or animating characters
  • Participate in reviews, and coordinate art asset development and procurement in a co-located, multi-discipline team environment
  • Post-production, including non-linear, professional editing with Adobe Premier and AfterEffects, motion graphics creation, color correction, audio mixing, and video compression
  • Lay out, illustrate, and edit instruction manuals, product decals, and related technical publications concerned with installation, operation, service, and maintenance of machinery and other equipment
  • Organizes material and completes assignments according to standards regarding order, clarity, conciseness, style, and terminology based on customer and/or product need
  • Establishes formats and maintains templates and style guides for technical documents
  • Creates line art from engineering drawings
  • Coordinates translations with vendors and printing with purchasing or vendors
  • Provides printer with electronic files for reproduction
  • Maintains electronic filing systems including logging, backing up, and archiving
Qualifications for technical artist
  • The ability to work well as part of a larger team - maintain collaboration relationships and coordinating the global requirements to the local team
  • Mastery in technical skills including
  • Ability to analyse and identify optimal modelling and texturing methods within the constraints of the game engine
  • Experienced with creating assets within next generation art pipelines including
  • Shipped multiple titles as a Technical Artist
  • Conversant in all areas of game technical art

Technical Artist Job Description

Job Description Example
Our growing company is searching for experienced candidates for the position of technical artist. To join our growing team, please review the list of responsibilities and qualifications.
Responsibilities for technical artist
  • Establish quick, efficient and clear pipelines
  • Prepare coherent documentation for pipelines, tools and procedures
  • Do benchmarking for your features through research and testing
  • Prototype features and provide transparent accounts of their performance
  • Work on creating asset banks (such as textures)
  • Ensure coworkers adhere to procedures and standards you’ve established
  • Fix performance bugs and polish your feature
  • Partnering with technical Artists to deliver interactive Shell components
  • Partnering with developers to build a state of the art toolset
  • Support and educate artists in best use of materials, libraries, and art tools
Qualifications for technical artist
  • Extensive understanding of the performance implications of game art asset creation
  • Positive, solution-oriented individual with a passion for video game development
  • Understanding of human body, and facial anatomy, as it relates to game assets and topology
  • An understanding of development workflows, as they relate to getting character assets into video game engines
  • A minimum of 3 years’ experience in video game development
  • A deep knowledge of Mel/Maxscript and/or Python

Technical Artist Job Description

Job Description Example
Our growing company is looking to fill the role of technical artist. If you are looking for an exciting place to work, please take a look at the list of qualifications below.
Responsibilities for technical artist
  • Maintain production pipelines providing technical support for artists
  • Develop technical or artistic approaches and new or enhanced technical tools
  • Identify and resolve redundancies and complications in the workflow
  • Communicate art techniques to other members of the team
  • Provide artistic and technical leadership within the area of expertise to members of the art department
  • Lead Unity Engineer
  • Artists
  • Recognize proper mesh topology repair and/or give feedback to the 3D modelers
  • Guide and drive the team’s approaches to content creation and tools
  • Prototype, develop and improve content creation pipelines
Qualifications for technical artist
  • Working knowledge of other production tools such as Photoshop, Zbrush, Turtle
  • Understands game asset production and how to work for it (polygon architecture, memory budgets)
  • Detail oriented, organized and able to meet project requirements
  • Programming experience considered a bonus (Cg/HLSL shaders, C/C++, Perl, ), as are traditional drawing, painting or sculpting skills
  • Familiar with modeling and texturing techniques
  • English and Mandarin proficiency

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