Echocardiography Technician Job Description

Echocardiography Technician Job Description

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Echocardiography technician provides leadership and direction to members of the department, performing those responsibilities in accordance with the Company's policies and applicable laws.

Echocardiography Technician Duties & Responsibilities

To write an effective echocardiography technician job description, begin by listing detailed duties, responsibilities and expectations. We have included echocardiography technician job description templates that you can modify and use.

Sample responsibilities for this position include:

Demonstrates support for the Tenet Corporate Compliance Program by being knowledgeable of compliance responsibilities as expressed in the Code of Conduct
Perform non-invasive cardiac procedures (EKGs, signal average EKGs)
Prepare patients for various stress tests
Demonstrate knowledge and skill levels that permit quality performance and productivity
Oversee holter monitor application
Work alongside members of the healthcare staff to provide quality healthcare
Provide diagnostic data and assistance to physicians in care of the patients
Responsible for observation of patient and personnel as requested
Performs a variety of standard echocardiographic modalities to include (M-mode, two dimensional, Doppler, and Doppler with color) adult to geriatric age groups, both clinical and research protocols
Evaluates the nature of critical and emergency procedures, rearranges patient schedule to accommodate

Echocardiography Technician Qualifications

Qualifications for a job description may include education, certification, and experience.

Licensing or Certifications for Echocardiography Technician

List any licenses or certifications required by the position: ACLS, EKG, BCLS, RDCS, ARDMS, RCS, CCI, BLS, CCT

Education for Echocardiography Technician

Typically a job would require a certain level of education.

Employers hiring for the echocardiography technician job most commonly would prefer for their future employee to have a relevant degree such as Collage and Associate Degree in Education, Department of Education, Graduate, Technology, Medical, Associates, Computer, Pediatrics, Cardiovascular Technology, Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Skills for Echocardiography Technician

Desired skills for echocardiography technician include:

Adhering to federal and state laws
Compliance responsibilities as expressed in the Code of Conduct
Corporate policies and procedures policies that affect his/her specific job functions/responsibilities
Reporting compliance issues/concerns in a timely and appropriate manner
Blood pressure monitor
Cardiac anatomy and ability to detect acute EKG arrhythmias and abnormalities
Echo database computer
Fax machine

Desired experience for echocardiography technician includes:

Responsible for providing the health care team with pertinent echocardiographic data used in treatment of patients condition
Reviews and performs monthly Quality Assurance studies
Promotes an understanding of age specific needs in the explanation and performance expectations of the test/procedure prior experience with various age groups is preferred
Prefer a specialized pediatric echo tech for ages 0-16 testing adult echo techs for ages 17 - 70+
This position can recognize needs and behaviors of all age groups (may be delineated by specialty tech for pediatric and adult)
Licensure as a Registered Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer (CCT or RCS) preferred

Echocardiography Technician Examples


Echocardiography Technician Job Description

Job Description Example
Our growing company is searching for experienced candidates for the position of echocardiography technician. Thank you in advance for taking a look at the list of responsibilities and qualifications. We look forward to reviewing your resume.
Responsibilities for echocardiography technician
  • Assists in the scheduling of patents requiring an echocardiogram
  • Completes and distributes completed reports, digitized studies and videotapes as needed
  • Records data, calculations and measurements of echocardiograms according to its anomaly
  • Performs echocardiograms and Doppler studies and explains procedures to patients and/or guardians
  • Assists with training fellows, visiting physicians, medical students and staff in the performance and interpretation of echocardiogram and Doppler studies
  • Gather a patient's medical history, explain testing procedures, and prepare the patient for the procedure
  • Monitor the patient's status and notes any abnormalities
  • Report post-test findings to the patient's doctor for further analysis
  • Accountable for maintaining and improving own professional knowledge/competence through establishment of personal goals and continuous self-development
  • Includes principles of infection control
Qualifications for echocardiography technician
  • Experience in stress echo, TEE, and pediatrics preferred
  • Must be a graduate of accredited school of ultrasound
  • Must be Registered Echocardiography Technologist (RDCS) and Registered Vascular with The American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS)
  • Minimum of 1-2 years of prior Echocardiography experience preferred
  • Candidate must be able to make independent analytical, conceptual decisions, and work independently
  • Must be flexible to work in outreach sites as needed

Echocardiography Technician Job Description

Job Description Example
Our innovative and growing company is looking to fill the role of echocardiography technician. Please review the list of responsibilities and qualifications. While this is our ideal list, we will consider candidates that do not necessarily have all of the qualifications, but have sufficient experience and talent.
Responsibilities for echocardiography technician
  • Is able to handle high volume, high stress situations with attention to details and accuracy
  • Upholds the highest standards of customer service at all times (“customer” includes patients, family members, co-workers, referring physicians)
  • Maintains echocardiography and other equipment in efficient operating order
  • Compiles, maintains and reports echocardiographic records and statistical information per established policies and procedures
  • Appropriately reviews the patient’s chart for doctor’s orders and patient’s diagnosis and history
  • Records M-mode tracings on hard copy, either strip chart or printer and accurately measures all required information
  • Keeps Supervisor/Manager informed of any problems in regard to test Requests and problems involving the medical staff
  • Maintains patient and physician confidentiality to assure that patient’s rights are protected
  • Adheres to policies and procedures as outlined in departmental safety manuals, OSHA Hazcom Manual and Infection Control Manual
  • Participates on Quality Improvement teams as needed and adheres to customer service guidelines including telephone performance as established through the implementation of Total Quality Management
Qualifications for echocardiography technician
  • Coronary Abnormalities - ALCAPA, Single coronary, Abnormal Course, AOCA, ARCAPA, Kawasaki, Coronary AVMs, Anaurysms, Sinusodis
  • Echo guided interventions – pericardiocentesis, BAS, ICE, bubble study, TEE, epicardial echo
  • Functional assessment-wall motion abnormalities – global or regional, chamber quantification, diastolic dysfunction – mitral valve inflow, pulmonary vein inflow/reversal, MPI, SVC and IVC flow, tissue Doppler, - - - Strain rate imaging, 3D echo
  • Left sided lesions – Mitral Atresia, MS, Supramitral Valve Ring, Cor Triatriatum, HLHS, AS, SubAS, Supravalvular AS, HCM, Shone’s, Coarctation, IAA, Bicuspid AoV, Pulmonary Vein Stenosis, MR, AR, MVP, DOMV, Clerft Mitral Valve, Parachute Mitral Valve
  • Miscellaneous-intracardiac lines, pleural effusions, diaphragmatic paresis, ECMO, VADs, AV valve straddling and overriding
  • Right sided lesions – Tricuspid atresia, TS, PS, PAIVS, SubPS, DCRV, Supravalvular PS, PPS, Ebstein Anomaly, APV, Uhl’s, TVP, TR, PI, CTT dexter, Systemic Venous Anomalies

Echocardiography Technician Job Description

Job Description Example
Our innovative and growing company is looking to fill the role of echocardiography technician. If you are looking for an exciting place to work, please take a look at the list of qualifications below.
Responsibilities for echocardiography technician
  • Contributes to the effective daily operation of the Echocardiography lab including interactions with echo students, physicians, and other medical professionals
  • Schedules, prepares, administers, and reports interpretations of echocardiograms, M-mode, 2D/3D imaging, Doppler, color flow mapping, contrast studies, transesophageal imaging, stress echo and assists cardiologists
  • Advises cardiologist of results of examination and provides preliminary diagnostic evaluation
  • All functions of this role shall be performed within the guidelines of the department, ICAEL, and hospital policies
  • On a rotating basis, is responsible for assigned on-call duties
  • Demonstrated ability to perform echocardiograms in accordance with ICAEL standards
Qualifications for echocardiography technician
  • Shunt lesions – ASD, Atrial septal aneurysm, LV-RA shunt, VSD, PDA, PFO, AV Canal, Coronary arterial fistulae, AP window, AVM, TAPVR, PAPVR
  • Single ventricle, DILV, DIRV, univentricular heart
  • Situs Abnormalities – Dextrocardia, Mesocardia, Levocardia, Situs, inversus totalis, heterotaxy syndrome, juxtaposition of the atrial appendages, situs-alignment disharmony
  • Surgical procedures – Fontan, ToF, AV canal, Rastelli, BT shunt, Waterston, Potts, Mustard, Senning, Norwood, Sano, Glenn, Kawashima, Takeuchi, DKS, VSD closure, ASD closure, ASO, LeCompte, device closures, coil closures, stents
  • American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) or Cardiovascular Credentialing Technician (CCT) certification
  • Complete knowledge and performance of echocardiogram, stress echo, dobutamine stress echo

Echocardiography Technician Job Description

Job Description Example
Our innovative and growing company is looking for an echocardiography technician. Thank you in advance for taking a look at the list of responsibilities and qualifications. We look forward to reviewing your resume.
Responsibilities for echocardiography technician
  • Must be able to travel in and out of Merced County, including transcontinental travel
  • Previous experience (6 months-1yr) in provision of Echocardiography or vascular
  • Services in a clinic or hospital environment is preferred
  • Certification in echocardiography or vascular ultrasound
  • Must have a current BLS (American Heart Association)
  • RVT or RVS (vascular) & RCS or RDCS (echo) registry is preferred
Qualifications for echocardiography technician
  • Working knowledge of medical practices and medical terminology
  • Training from college course or accredited program preferred
  • One year of experience in cardiology and/or ultrasound technology preferred
  • Minimum of 2 years current experience performing ECHO Studies doing both pediatric and adult echocardiograms
  • Requires adult and/or pediatric experience in Echocardiography as is typically obtained in twelve (12) months and additional clinical experience in the field the acute care environment is desirable
  • Minimum of 2 years current experience performing VAS studies doing both pediatric and adult echocardiograms

Echocardiography Technician Job Description

Job Description Example
Our innovative and growing company is hiring for an echocardiography technician. We appreciate you taking the time to review the list of qualifications and to apply for the position. If you don’t fill all of the qualifications, you may still be considered depending on your level of experience.
Responsibilities for echocardiography technician
  • Associate's degree with one year relevant experience or graduate from accredited cardiac ultrasound program
  • Registered ARMS adult sonographer
  • Non registered pediatric sonographer
  • One year preferred echocardiography experience
  • This is an echo position
  • On call and holiday rotation required
Qualifications for echocardiography technician
  • Demonstrated working knowledge of echo-contrast and stress echocardiography
  • Echocardiography Technician certification / licensure
  • Strict adherence to HIPAA laws
  • 1 year pediatric echocardiography experience
  • Ability to demonstrate imaging skills
  • Must be flexible to scheduling changes including scheduled overtime, weekend, holiday and on call hours

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