Endoscopy Technician Job Description

Endoscopy Technician Job Description

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Endoscopy technician provides both emotional and physical support to patients during procedures and assists with patient positioning, equipment use and management, and other therapeutic interventions during the procedure.

Endoscopy Technician Duties & Responsibilities

To write an effective endoscopy technician job description, begin by listing detailed duties, responsibilities and expectations. We have included endoscopy technician job description templates that you can modify and use.

Sample responsibilities for this position include:

Handling the maintenance of all endoscopes
Checking all scopes that will be used for color and clarity
Maintaining inventory par levels, restocking endoscopy related supplies in procedure rooms and monitoring expiration dates
Performing other duties as required or assigned
Preparing procedure room for case
Checking all scopes that will be used for color and clarity, that air and water channels are open, that the control knobs are not too tight or loose, and also completing visual inspection of insertion tube for buckling or bite marks
Acquire experience and confidence in supporting targeted customers, local Sales Representative, Field Service Engineers, Repair personnel, Service management, and other corporate personnel to provide the highest level of customer support and endoscopy service satisfaction
Acquire experience and confidence in conducting service support calls independently and in a team effort with other corporate personnel as necessary
Mentor and monitor to meet customer service needs, to provide solutions for endoscopy equipment service problems, to assist customers toward the goal of repair reduction, and to demonstrate the ability to develop customer relationships based on trust, loyalty and satisfaction
Train and mentor focusing on conducting customer educational visits, diagnosing issues relating to endoscopy equipment care, handling, CDS and storage

Endoscopy Technician Qualifications

Qualifications for a job description may include education, certification, and experience.

Licensing or Certifications for Endoscopy Technician

List any licenses or certifications required by the position: BLS, NAC, BCLS, SGNA, C.N.A, GT, GTS, GI, CPR, AHA

Education for Endoscopy Technician

Typically a job would require a certain level of education.

Employers hiring for the endoscopy technician job most commonly would prefer for their future employee to have a relevant degree such as Associate and High School Degree in Education, Technical, Patient Care, Healthcare, Medical, Nursing Assistant, Health, English, Nursing Care Technician, Nursing

Skills for Endoscopy Technician

Desired skills for endoscopy technician include:

High disinfection and sterilization of endoscopy equipment
Biohazard waste removal
Blood Borne Pathogens
Units of measurement
Assists with the proper set up of appropriate equipment and positioning devices/patients in procedures rooms
Diagnostic and therapeutic equipment
Medical terminology as it relates to gastroenterology

Desired experience for endoscopy technician includes:

Develop the knowledge and skills required to produce the highest levels of customer engagement and service support
Obtain instruction and understanding of customer repair cost utilization analyses reports and learn how to review service contract performance and cost consumption versus elapsed time data
Develop and demonstrate consistent and repeatable equipment demonstrations and the proper and compliant methods to conduct customer in service programs
Develop a routine communication schedule with management to exchange information on daily and weekly activities
Maintain all assigned assets including, but not limited to, laptop computer, mobile device(s), demo equipment
Submit all required field activity documentation, including travel itineraries, field service reports and expense reports timely, accurately and as directed

Endoscopy Technician Examples


Endoscopy Technician Job Description

Job Description Example
Our innovative and growing company is looking to fill the role of endoscopy technician. Thank you in advance for taking a look at the list of responsibilities and qualifications. We look forward to reviewing your resume.
Responsibilities for endoscopy technician
  • Train to accurately perform and report on other MBO related duties as assigned and to meet all goals set and agreed upon with management
  • Prepare equipment for sterilization
  • Set up and maintain supplies in procedure rooms
  • Assist nurse with patient admission to the procedure room
  • Facilitate patient flow, room turnover, stocking procedure rooms, ordering supplies and performing a variety of clerical tasks
  • Assemble and test equipment/supplies correctly, prior to use
  • Responsible for informing a R.N
  • Processes tissue and bodily fluids specimens
  • Prepares and maintains endoscopy equipment and supplies
  • Maintains the GI Procedure area in a clean, safe condition
Qualifications for endoscopy technician
  • Cooperate and participate as an effective team member in creating a positive working environment
  • Demonstrate positive corporate citizenship
  • Previous field based work history is essential
  • Experience and competency with technical equipment and or devices are essential
  • Must be a self starter and able to follow management direction
  • Must possess independent work ethic and be results attainment orientated

Endoscopy Technician Job Description

Job Description Example
Our company is growing rapidly and is looking for an endoscopy technician. If you are looking for an exciting place to work, please take a look at the list of qualifications below.
Responsibilities for endoscopy technician
  • Accurately maintain all required logs [i.e
  • Care for and maintain all endoscopic equipment utilized in the G.I
  • Assist the physician and registered nurse (RN) before, during and after a procedure by providing the appropriate equipment and supplies
  • Assist in planning, organizing, implementing and evaluating the activities occurring at the endoscopy unit
  • Participates in the maintenance of Procedure room supplies and endoscopic equipment
  • Disassembles and reprocesses instrumentation on a post-procedure basis as per current departmental policy
  • Assures high level disinfection of endoscopes and accessories
  • Sets up rooms and prepares for cases, including those in remote sites, , ER, ICU, OR and/or X-ray
  • Working under the direct supervision of the RN and/or MD in the procedure room
  • Care for and maintains all endoscopic equipment utilized in the G.I
Qualifications for endoscopy technician
  • Must be task orientated requiring minimal supervision once initial training is completed
  • Must have a high level of personal organization
  • High level of customer interaction and customer service support are necessary
  • Excellent communication, presentation, and interpersonal skills (including public speaking) are essential
  • Must be technology literate (i.e., Microsoft Office, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, iPhone iPad)
  • Associates degree in Endoscopy Technology or Gastroenterology preferred

Endoscopy Technician Job Description

Job Description Example
Our company is searching for experienced candidates for the position of endoscopy technician. Please review the list of responsibilities and qualifications. While this is our ideal list, we will consider candidates that do not necessarily have all of the qualifications, but have sufficient experience and talent.
Responsibilities for endoscopy technician
  • Transport patients to and from the department, as requested utilizing proper body mechanics
  • Demonstrate knowledge of age appropriate patient preparation
  • Demonstrate applied knowledge when caring for selected patient populations including care appropriate to the age of patients served on the unit
  • Assists with equipment management within the department all cases outside of the department by troubleshooting and following-up on all equipment issues plus requesting assistance when needed
  • Be responsible for preparation of sterile supplies and instruments for each assigned procedure
  • Organizes instruments, equipment and supplies for easy access and maximum efficiency
  • Participates in a rotational call system to provide for continuous availability of patient services
  • Maintain supply inventory, rotate stock, and restock procedural rooms as needed
  • Prepares the procedure room correctly with the appropriate endoscope, equipment, and instruments
  • Maintain a clean, organized, and well-stocked environment
Qualifications for endoscopy technician
  • Must be able to travel with overnight stays via automobile, or air to meet customer needs, or as requested by management
  • Previous clinical experience in GI environment desired
  • Endoscopy Technician Certification required within 90 days of hire
  • Surgical Technician Certification required or Certification as Endoscopy technician required upon hire or within 90 days of hire
  • Endoscopy technician certification preferred
  • Will consider those who have clinical experience (C.N.A)

Endoscopy Technician Job Description

Job Description Example
Our growing company is looking for an endoscopy technician. To join our growing team, please review the list of responsibilities and qualifications.
Responsibilities for endoscopy technician
  • Collect and label specimens, in conjunction with the physicians and nurses
  • Assist in the maintenance of a safe and aseptic surgical environment
  • Prepares procedure rooms with endoscopes and related equipment needed for procedures
  • Prepares specimen labels as necessary
  • Cleans and prepares procedure rooms and patient care areas
  • Transfers soiled equipment and supplies to reprocessing area
  • Identifies and documents equipment and supply needs
  • Coordinates the flow of patients with all areas and staff
  • Administrative duties applicable to the Medical Procedures Center
  • Employee will be responsible for knowledge and skill necessary to provide care based on physical, psychological, educational, safety and related criteria for the child, adolescent, adult and geriatric population
Qualifications for endoscopy technician
  • Current SGNA GI Technologist Specialist (GTS) certification
  • For Cost Center 0220, Nursing Assistant training is required or successful completion of either practical nurse fundamentals or comparable experience upon review
  • Ability to communicate by reading, writing legibly, and speaking English effectively
  • Knowledgeable about professional and practice issues related to the field of Gastroenterology
  • Heartsaver / AED
  • Graduate of school of surgical technology, or LPN program, or military program (Preferred)

Endoscopy Technician Job Description

Job Description Example
Our company is looking for an endoscopy technician. Please review the list of responsibilities and qualifications. While this is our ideal list, we will consider candidates that do not necessarily have all of the qualifications, but have sufficient experience and talent.
Responsibilities for endoscopy technician
  • Explains procedures and expected sensations to patient and provides instructions to ensure patient cooperation and to minimize discomfort
  • Collects, prepares and labels all specimens correctly during flexible sigmoidoscopy
  • Provides both emotional and physical support to patients during procedures
  • Maintains a clean and safe patient care environment, implements and follows infection control procedures according to hospital policy, and follows unit policy for cleaning, disinfection and storage of equipment
  • Maintains endoscopic instruments and accessories in working order
  • Maintains an adequate supply level in procedure rooms, utility rooms, and office areas
  • Maintains knowledge of the appropriate use of medications for endoscopy patients
  • Bringing the patient back to the patient restrooms to change and then escorting them to either the Procedure Room or the Admitting area
  • Assisting the Physician during the procedure
  • Setting up room
Qualifications for endoscopy technician
  • Previous Endo tech experience is preferred
  • Familiar with Lab monitoring programs
  • Vocational or technical education preferred
  • A minimum of one (1) to three (3) years hospital experience preferred
  • Experience with ERCP and EUS procedures
  • IP procedures

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