Relay Technician Job Description

Relay Technician Job Description

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Relay technician provides guidance and leadership to engineering associates in the development of relay specifications for projects, relay settings, relay testing routines and maintenance of the relay test manual.

Relay Technician Duties & Responsibilities

To write an effective relay technician job description, begin by listing detailed duties, responsibilities and expectations. We have included relay technician job description templates that you can modify and use.

Sample responsibilities for this position include:

Conducts tests using trouble- shooting techniques and automated test equipment to locate, isolate and repair defective equipment or devices that have caused a failure or misoperation of relay and control protective equipment
Assist in testing, inspecting, repairing, Installing, and adjusting relays, instrumentation equipment, local controller, pilot wire equipment, battery chargers, and associated devices for the protection, control, and indication of protective relaying equipment within electrical utility substations
Assist with setting up standard test apparatus or devises test equipment and circuitry to conduct functional, operational, environmental, and life tests to evaluate performance and reliability of prototype or production model
Installs, tests, maintains and troubleshoots relay & control, power line carrier, fault recording and communication interface equipment to assure proper and accurate operation
Conducts maintenance testing on all relay equipment removed from service
Determines if the condition of the equipment is adequate for retention and redistribution at other locations or should be salvaged
Maintains proper care of tools, equipment and supplies utilized in job performance
Performs commissioning tests on new relay and control protective equipment and RTU before it is placed in service to ensure proper calibration and operation
Performs acceptance tests on new relay and control protective equipment
Maintains specialized stock of parts and equipment for all areas to utilize

Relay Technician Qualifications

Qualifications for a job description may include education, certification, and experience.

Licensing or Certifications for Relay Technician

List any licenses or certifications required by the position: DOT, OSHA

Education for Relay Technician

Typically a job would require a certain level of education.

Employers hiring for the relay technician job most commonly would prefer for their future employee to have a relevant degree such as Associate and Bachelor's Degree in Electronics, Industrial, Associates, Education, Technical, Electrical Engineering, Engineering, Engineering Technology, Science, Electronics Technology

Skills for Relay Technician

Desired skills for relay technician include:

Symmetrical components and three-phase power systems for calculation of relay settings
Alternating current theory and relaying protection schemes
Basic math
Carrier test equipment
Communications equipment
Electrical test equipment/relay test sets
Electromechanical and microprocessor relays

Desired experience for relay technician includes:

Pack and move from ground, trucks, or platforms
Maneuver frequently on stairs and ladders, over rock, gravel, concrete, metal grating, scaffolding and wood
2 years training at a technical school (Associate degree in Electrical, Computer or Math)
Preferred expereince with Manta 5000 or Megger MPRT relay sets
Preferred experience Enoserve Relay Testing Software
This position contains a weight restriction of 275 pounds as an essential function of the job

Relay Technician Examples


Relay Technician Job Description

Job Description Example
Our company is growing rapidly and is looking to fill the role of relay technician. We appreciate you taking the time to review the list of qualifications and to apply for the position. If you don’t fill all of the qualifications, you may still be considered depending on your level of experience.
Responsibilities for relay technician
  • Makes final check of new substation protective equipment and instruments before they are put into service to insure their correct installation and operation
  • Lift, carry, and install various tools, parts and equipment weighing up to 100 pounds on mountainous terrain, dams, canals, stairways and ladders
  • Work on ladders and other elevated structures with the use of Personal Protection Equipment
  • Pack and move from ground, trucks or platforms, equipment, power/hand tools and other materials
  • Ability to work with other technicians on testing and installing equipment
  • Use software programs utilized in programming, testing, commissioning, inspecting, repairing and adjusting system equipment such as “Doble ProTest” or “Protection Suite” software
  • Conduct various electrical tests of high voltage electrical equipment in accordance with test criteria established by policies and procedures or written test plans and maintain accurate records of test results and report results to the development and testing group
  • Determine, diagnose, and isolate electrical trouble and detect electrical faults in equipment and make necessary repairs
  • Interpret and apply manufacturer’s documentation related to substation equipment
  • Must be able to successfully complete the necessary training modules as set forth by the Safety and Skills Training Department and OJT Qualification and Certification process
Qualifications for relay technician
  • Journeyman in of the electrical trades
  • Assist with and analyzing and interpreting test data
  • Will learn how to recommend changes in circuitry or installation specifications to simplify assembly and maintenance
  • Assist with adjusting, calibrating, aligning, and modifying circuitry for any type of electro-magnetic relays and digital relays
  • Will assist with writing technical reports and developing charts, graphs, and schematics to describe and illustrate system's operating
  • Five or more years of technical and hands on experience in a utility based environment

Relay Technician Job Description

Job Description Example
Our company is growing rapidly and is searching for experienced candidates for the position of relay technician. We appreciate you taking the time to review the list of qualifications and to apply for the position. If you don’t fill all of the qualifications, you may still be considered depending on your level of experience.
Responsibilities for relay technician
  • Perform "hands on" wiring and general electrical work behind energized relay panels, including the installation of temporary and permanent relays, metering
  • Approves new wiring and existing wire changes to assure that engineering design requirements are accomplished and protection schemes will function as designed
  • Assists in the development and training of newer technicians and engineering trainees through on-the-job training and classroom instruction when applicable
  • Performs repairs and calibration on these relays when necessary
  • Practices and ensures that safe work methods and procedures are being utilized in all aspects of daily activities
  • Performs maintenance and operational tests on Power Supply's generator protective relays, when requested
  • Performs scheduled routine maintenance tests of electro-mechanical, electronic and solid state relays
  • Test and calibrate electro-mechanical relays on a three-year cycle
  • Test and calibrate micro-processor-based relays
  • Keep documentation on all relay settings, locations and types
Qualifications for relay technician
  • Certified journey level Electrician
  • Certified Electrical Engineering Technologist with a focus/specialization in power systems or Journeyman Power System Operator Certificate
  • Strong working knowledge of various IED models from manufacturers such as SEL, GE Multilin, Areva/GEC Alstom
  • Working knowledge of the theories and working practices of a journeyman electrician
  • Able to read and decipher electrical schematics and wiring diagrams, relay one-lines, 3 lines, and Logic diagrams, perform troubleshooting from these drawings
  • Experience in microprocessor relays

Relay Technician Job Description

Job Description Example
Our innovative and growing company is hiring for a relay technician. Thank you in advance for taking a look at the list of responsibilities and qualifications. We look forward to reviewing your resume.
Responsibilities for relay technician
  • Installs/tests/maintains power line carrier and tone equipment at all voltage levels, transfer trip and pilot wire systems used for protective relaying
  • Installs, tests and maintains Digital Fault Recorder equipment and annunciators in all generation, transmission and distribution stations
  • Contacts plant supervision, power dispatching and others to coordinate clearances, outages, and other equipment related problems
  • Develops and summarizes test results and relaying records for associated equipment and trouble reports
  • Develops relay installation construction schedules and completes commissioning documentation for all relaying systems and equipment in all generation, transmission and distribution stations
  • Add all information into the EPrO Oracle database
  • Support engineering with power monitoring, manhole entry and other field work as assigned
  • This work involves 50-volt through 115K-volt systems
  • Repairs various items such as electromechanical relay components and electronic circuit boards other similar items
  • Coordinates (synchronize efforts) between the system operator, substation construction, meter section, system test section, communications dept., overhead operations, overhead construction, underground construction, substation design, substation maintenance, production dept., planning division, and customers, to insure that jobs are completed with the least amount of disruption to customers or the electric system and that jobs are completed in a safe and timely fashion
Qualifications for relay technician
  • Must obtain a DOT Medical card within 90 days of hire
  • Associate degree in Electrical or Electronics Technology, or Applied Science with emphasis on Industrial Electrical or Electronics Technology, or Two year certificate in Industrial Electrical/Electronics combined with three (3) years industrial protection and controls experience
  • A high school diploma, GED or equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Has successfully completed an electrical apprenticeship or equivalent program
  • 4+ years experience in the meter & relay trade
  • Ability to utilize a relay test set to prove protective device settings

Relay Technician Job Description

Job Description Example
Our company is growing rapidly and is hiring for a relay technician. If you are looking for an exciting place to work, please take a look at the list of qualifications below.
Responsibilities for relay technician
  • Pack and move from ground, trucks or platforms, equipment, hand tools and other materials
  • Substation equipment commissioning and acceptance testing
  • Troubleshooting - Assist crew member in determining causes of equipment failure
  • Installation - Assist crew member in installing electrical equipment to meet company specifications
  • Performs other duties as assigned, such as temporary system modifications, event retrieval for analysis, create automated testing procedures, and Root Cause Analysis investigations
  • Complete the testing requirements of electrical meters and protective relays, both electromechanicals and microprocessors Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL)
  • Recording and filing of test results
  • Ability to work safely as defined by PG&E’s safety standards and procedures
  • Load relay, PLCs, HMIs or other electronic devices and instrumentation with programs, firmware and settings
  • Test the phase relation of overhead and underground lines, transformers, and relays
Qualifications for relay technician
  • Certified electrical engineering technologist with a focus/specialization in power systems, or journeyman power system electrician
  • Registered or eligible to register with the Association of Science and Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta (ASET) as a professional technologist (P
  • Associate Degree in Electrical/Electronics or Applied Science with emphasis on Industrial Electrical Technology, OR
  • DOT Medical Card certification required within 90 days
  • 10+ years’ experience working with Electrical Power Systems required or demonstrated equivalent combination of education, skills, knowledge, abilities and experience
  • Knowledge of Electrical Power System Protective Relaying including electro-mechanical relays (GE, Westinghouse, ABB), solid-state relays (Basler) and microprocessor relays (SEL) strongly Preferred

Relay Technician Job Description

Job Description Example
Our company is hiring for a relay technician. We appreciate you taking the time to review the list of qualifications and to apply for the position. If you don’t fill all of the qualifications, you may still be considered depending on your level of experience.
Responsibilities for relay technician
  • Remove or replace all types of relays, communication devices, metering devices, supervisory control devices and associated equipment
  • Operate special testing equipment
  • Perform wire-checks (point to point), power-up and commissioning of industrial Control Panels to integrate them to new or existing systems as required
  • Maintain electrical drawings/schematics and required documentation
  • Redline electrical schematics and modification of PLC programs, HMI programs and other settings as directed by responsible engineer/designer and communicate all required changes to responsible parties
  • Act as a Substation Operator and Electrical Checker when required
  • Perform complex mathematical calculations based on AC and DC theory, including the use of trigonometry
  • Perform other responsibilities and duties as assigned including general cleaning and housekeeping duties
  • Must be proficient in print reading, specifically elementaries (schematics) & diagram of connections
  • Must be able to calibrate electro-mechanical & microprocessor relays which include but not limited to distance, directional overcurrent, overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, differential, frequency, phase unbalance, negative sequence, loss of excitation
Qualifications for relay technician
  • Knowledge of Metrology Methods (Calibration and Testing) strongly preferred
  • Knowledge of Power System Testing preferred
  • Familiarity with MS Office including Word and Excel preferred
  • Must be able to perform field work that includes climbing ladders, entering manholes and vaults and testing in low voltage (600V) and high voltage (15 kV and 115 kV) substations
  • Successful completion of high school or college Algebra
  • Must have strong technical and critical thinking skills

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