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Shih Tzu Dog Breed best as ESAs

ESA, also known as Emotional Support Animal, is phycological support provided to patients with mental disturbance. Research has shown that availing ESA is an effective motivator and support for individuals coping with mental illnesses. Keeping and taking care of an ESA animal allows these patients to overcome or minimize their stress and anxiety levels and revive their interest and focus on life.

However, to avail of ESA assistance, the patient needs the approval of a licensed psychologist or a psychiatrist. An ESA Letter needs to be signed by your concerned mental care professional to initiate the request to the concerned authorities. Once your request is approved, you can take your animal home and cuddle with it all day long.

A critical thing to keep in focus is that availing of ESA comes with great responsibility. The health and care of the animal which you are requesting become your responsibility. It is not always easy for patients struggling with severe depression or anxiety issues. But taking care of your ESA can be your catalyst to pull you back into normal routines. In return for the care that you are providing to your ESA, they help you to stay alert, active, and healthy.

Dogs are one of the most famous emotional support animals requested by the patient. Especially the hypoallergenic dogs are mostly preferred since they shed minimum hair. Thus, they make a lesser mess, and it is relatively easy to take care of them. Besides, there are multiple dog species available to choose from as your ESA, but the limelight is often taken by Shih Tzu Dog Breed which is also categorized as one of the best ESAs.

To understand why Shih Tzus makes such great emotional support animals, we have highlighted some key characteristics which this species possesses, making it a preferred ESA choice.

1) Loyal and Devoted Nature

Shih Tzus are known for their loyal and devoted personality. Once the dog gets itself familiarized with you, he won’t leave your side. They will reciprocate your love and care with equal devotion which makes these animals perfect for individuals suffering from depression or self-esteem issues. They will want to spend all their time by your side, thus becoming your loyal comfort partner in times of loneliness.

2) Excellent Companions

Shih Tzu can detect the distress of their owners and would jump into their lap to ease their trouble. Spending time with this dog species, you will find yourself unwinding the stress and troubles of yours.

3) Shih Tzu is Hypoallergenic

Another plus point of Shih Tzu is the hypoallergenic nature of these dogs where they shed minimum hair, thus saving their master the trouble to clean it. However, you must be extra careful with dogs who don’t shed. Such species are vulnerable to multiple skin and fungal infections. If your dog has encountered one, there are multiple remedies available including CBD and CBG oils. The debate between CBG vs CBD in terms of their effectiveness is long in emotional support animal letter. However, it is preferred that you use CBG since it has minimum side-effects. Do take your Shih Tzu to a professional veterinarian if the infection does not subside.

4) Shih Tzu are Portable in Size

Carrying Shih Tzu is easy for their small and portable size. These animals are also easy to manage during travel. You can also bring your Shih Tzu on a plane since it is protected under the Air Carrier Access Act. Their friendly nature also does not cause any distress for other passengers, meaning you can enjoy a pleasant journey with your Shih Tzu without any hassle.

5) Shih Tzu crave Attention

These little fluff balls of fur are extremely energetic and active. They demand constant attention and affection from their owner but would also reciprocate that affection equally. They like to be praised, petted, and treated. You will never be disappointed when eliciting desired reactions from these dogs. Spending time and playing with your Shih Tzu can serve as an effective healing therapy for your disturbed mental health.

Thus, Shih Tzu is a tiny, hyper, and affectionate little beings that you can easily pet and maintain. Despite their small size, the impact they can produce in enhancing your mental health is immense.

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