Mahima Sindhu

Mahima Sindhu

Communications & Statistics Student

Cambridge, MA


Hardworking college student looking to pursue a field in communications/marketing and healthcare


2019 Mar - Present
Marketing Manager
Triple Play Analytics / Pittsburgh, PA

● promote video content of up-and-coming sports analytics hub, TPA

● use canva to create social media content

2019 Jan - Present
Social Media and Communications Committee
HerCampus at Pitt / Pittsburgh, PA

● promote articles/events via social media: instagram, facebook, twitter, pinterest, tumblr

2019 Jan - Present
Public Relations Chair
FIMRC: Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children) / Pittsburgh, PA

● chapter at University of Pittsburgh

● assist in social media campaigning for the promotion of events and fundraisers

● design posters and creative content via Canva

● provide support in establishing club’s image on campus and recruiting new members

2017 Sep - 2018 May
BHS METCO Project / Belmont, MA
● year-long project on advocacy and implementation of metco initiative in greater boston

● conducting interviews with those centrally connected with the program and its development

● presentations at city council meetings and school-wide diversity programs, as well as through social media platforms like instagram
2017 Jun - 2018 May
Social Psychology Research Assistant
Harvard University / Cambridge, MA
● implicit bias research with focus on attitude flexibility

● social research and research recruitment at Boston Children’s Hospital

● use of IAT to measure how children differ in the information they use to make judgements
2016 Jul - 2017 Dec
Health Communications Intern
University of Massachusetts Medical School / Worcester, MA
● conduct focus groups on medical literacy with respect to informational websites

● offer solutions to the problems brought up in focus groups

● American Psychological Association presentation of project design with group
2017 Jul - 2017 Sep
Developmental Neuropsychobiology Intern
Northeastern University / Boston, MA
● impact of early life stress on the development of inhibitory neurons in the prefrontal cortex

● behavioral coding and analysis on latency to first entry and rearing behaviors on elevated plus maze and light/dark box

● shadowing perfusions, stereotactic neurosurgeries, cresyl violet staining, microtome brain slicing
2016 Jun - 2017 May
Founder and President
BHS MedExplo Club / Belmont, MA
● help peers gain experience in the medical field through experiments, guest speakers, discussions

● manage officers, committees, and other club members

● fundraise for Boston Children’s Hospital, raised $2,000

● social media and events planning including poster and banner design

● assist peers in further medical exploration via social networking (i.e. internships and programs)
2016 Aug - 2016 Oct
Computational Neuroscience Intern
Massachusetts General Hospital / Charlestown, MA
● Athinoula A. Martinos Imaging Center

● use of FreeSurfer to observe white matter lesions in understanding the context of aging and cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s disease

● rough paper on findings: “Contribution of Alzheimer’s and Vascular Pathologies On The Clinical Manifestation Of Alzheimer’s Disease”
2016 Jul - 2016 Jul
Neuroscience and Mental Health Program
University of Massachusetts Medical School / Worcester, MA

● educational glimpse into different academic concentrations of brain science such as clinical psychology/neurophysiology, various therapy practices like cognitive behavioral/psychodynamic

● filling out abstraction forms for Dr. Nancy Byatt’s postpartum research

● independent research projects on a topic of our choice and published a paper - "An Insight on Current Neuroimaging Research in Postpartum Depression"


2018 - 2022
University of Pittsburgh
Bachelor's / Communications

● Communications and Rhetorical Studies (Major)

● Applied Statistics (Minor)

● Global Health (Certificate)