Julia Duscheck

Julia Duscheck

Digital Marketing Strategist

Los Angeles


Experienced marketing and brand communications professional with expertise in developing content strategy and securing product sponsorship. Produced inspiring content, commercials and ads for multiple clients in the fashion, sports and entertainment industries. Created and developed the Advizoo mobile application that allows marketing agencies and corporate marketing teams to enhance their ad campaigns and increase ROI by easily adding their corporate identity and graphics to influencers’ video content. Worked with mobile developers to create an innovative user interface design and improve user experience.


2018 Sep - 2019 Mar
ADVIZOO / Los Angeles

• Identified an opportunity to enhance social media campaigns for marketing agencies and corporate marketing teams that collaborate with influencers

• Created an application that allows marketing professionals to design video filters for influencers that include corporate identity, graphics, discount codes, and required legal/regulatory disclosures

• Secured financing from a primary investor, managed the mobile development team and graphic designer, led the sales and marketing initiative

2018 Apr - 2018 Jun
Brand Marketing, Internship

• Developed an employer branding strategy for future talent acquisition in the United States by using the LinkedIn platform as a recruiting and marketing tool

• Conducted competitor analyses on LinkedIn to identify the location, required skillset and education for suitable candidates in the United States

• After analyzing the deficiencies in the company’s online presence, consulted on the redesign of the employer brand online, particularly with respect to the corporate website and social media platforms

• Helped improve the corporate identity by implementing new corporate pictures, updating career site content and creating an English-language version of the company’s website

• Wrote a senior bachelor thesis as a case study on the success of the rebranding and talent acquisition strategy

2017 Jun - 2017 Nov
Content Strategy and Partnerships

• Interviewed A-list celebrities, reported from events, filmed, produced and edited video content, and wrote articles for a German online magazine based in Los Angeles

• Scope of projects included web content, SEO, blog content, web articles, video content, PR writing, news reporting/writing, and proofreading/editing

• Identified and spotted current popular trends and events appealing to the desired target group and then planned and produced content consistent therewith

• Identified suitable brands for celebrity collaborations and then secured product placement and brand sponsorship to finance content production

2016 Dec - 2017 Jun
Data Analyst, Freelance
DEUTSCHER FUßBALL BUND (German Soccer Federation) / Cologne, GER

• Collected and updated the database with live, real-time match results, details and statistics from all semi-professional and professional leagues. Analyzed and evaluated the data to predict future player performance and drive decisions regarding whether to invest in players

• Developed performance-enhancing methods for rising stars deemed worthy of investment, such as hiring private drivers to facilitate the commute from schools to training facilities, purchasing professional training equipment, providing sports therapists and private tutoring

2016 Sep - 2017 Jun
Social Media Marketing, Freelance (12/2016-06/2017) | Multimedia Production Intern (09/2016- 12/2016)

• Hired as an intern and quickly promoted to a freelance position. Transitioned the company to the digital market by helping develop a new business model and social media strategy

• Implemented the new strategy by writing the guidelines and procedures for the social media department and the company's various social media platforms

• Gave presentations about how to use data and insights on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram in order to achieve the highest engagement and reach and improve future content creation

2014 Nov - 2015 May
Content Producer, Internship
NICE ENTERTAINMENT/Lifestyler.tv / Cologne, GER

• Produced video content and conducted interviews, drafted press releases and articles. w Helped organize events and sold sponsorship opportunities

2014 Feb - 2014 Nov
Public Relations and Communications, Internship
Goerke PR GmbH / Cologne, GER
• Created and prepared pitch materials for high-end fashion magazines highlighting the latest trends featuring company products
• Utilized creative and persuasive writing techniques to draft fashion reports to be published in such high-end fashion magazines
• Helped plan, organize and implement new marketing campaigns on behalf of clients


2018 - 2019
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
Certificate / Digital Marketing

GPA: 4.0

As the majority of all new marketing positions, candidates are required to have familiarity with all types of new media (including, but not limited to, social media) and digital analytics. This program is designed to provide a comprehensive foundation and a thorough grounding in all facets of digital marketing.

2015 - 2018
Cologne Business School
Bachelor of Arts / Digital Media Management

Bachelor Thesis: LinkedIn as an instrument for Talent Acquisition in the Software Industry - Examining the Case Study of GMS Development GmbH

Expert Interviews:
Christian Byza (Senior Product Manager at LinkedIn)
Erik Bühne (Regional Account Manager Executive Search & Staffing at LinkedIn DACH)
Bernhard Hildebrandt (Founder and CEO at GMS Development GmbH)
Dr. Jochen Neese (Managing Partner at PMC International)
Nina Mrugalla (Founder and CEO at Mrugalla Consulting)

The "Digital Media Management" study program at Cologne Business School combines creativity, sound management knowledge and expertise for the digital economy. The program focuses on how media is managed and how digital marketing, social media marketing and company communication work.