James Brennan

James Brennan

Valuations Analyst

Calabasas, CA


I am a finance educated, quantitative individual that is looking to enter the investment focused side of finance. I was educated in the valuations of capital market assets and am currently working for a real estate investment lender as a valuations analyst. At the same time, I am the operations manager for a e-commerce startup. I am skilled at all Microsoft programs and have basic knowledge of SQL and Hyperion, along with experience with Bloomberg.


2019 Jan - Present
Operations Manager
Jolt Gear / Los Angeles, CA

I manage and analyze all of our online products. I provide the owners with bi-monthly analyst reports on the company's position and financial well-being. I provide recommendations on ways to further improve or expand the business. I lead and create new business ventures and ideas.

2018 Aug - Present
Valuations Analyst
Anchor Loans / Calabasas, CA

I value all real estate investment deals that come through Anchor. I provide an after-repair-value (ARV) and as-is-value (AIV) and conduct a thorough analysis of the investment opportunity. I make known any information that proves the opportunity is unprofitable or fraudulent. I also provide feedback to the IT team in order to approve upon the in-house software that is used.

2017 Jun - 2017 Aug
Financial Advisor
Northwestern Mutual / Woodland Hills, CA

I attended weekly meetings with the newest candidates to better learn the application of the various insurance products that the company provided. Prior to this, I acquired my life and health license. After the meetings I would attempt to book phone and in-person meetings in order to begin building my book of business. I would conduct each meeting with a more senior advisor and also shadow their own personal meetings and calls.


2014 - 2018
Pepperdine University
Finance / Finance, Economics, Business Administration

My finance education was focused on the valuation of capital market financial assets. I began with basic financial and managerial accounting before moving on to financial management, which focused on the understanding of fixed income valuations and drilled IRR, MIRR, CAPM, NAV, etc. for further use in future classes. From there, I moved into international finance, options and derivatives, and money and banking. At the same time I was moving into the highest level economics classes that were avaliable.